Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Wednesday, 24 July:
21:00: Concert by students of Marcela Iguanzo accompanied on piano by Pedro Aguiló. Town hall terrace.
21:00: All-star three-a-side basketball. Sports centre.

Friday, 26 July:
11:00: Choreography and musical exhibition from Campus Dance. Plaça Major.
14:00: Firing of rockets and ringing of bells. Followed by street procession with the Soldà bugle band. Plaça de Monti-sion.
20:00: Martial arts exhibition. Plaça Major.
20.30: Street procession with the band of drums and bugles.
21:00: Start of exhibition by new local artists. Club Pollença.
22:00: Oration for the fiestas and concert by the Pollensa band of music and then procession. Sant Domingo cloister.


Saturday, 27 July:
18:00: The first Patrona race. A course of 7,400 metres from the children's playground in C. Cecilio Metelo.
19:00: Giants gather in the Via Pollentia followed by procession.
19:30: Benefit party and supper with music and market. Joan March gardens.
19:45: Tournament between Madrid, Barcelona and Betis football fan clubs. Sports centre.
20:00: Puppets. For kids. "Les fades de la Bella Dorment". Plaça Vella.
20:30: Trial bikes evening, with musical accompaniment featuring the voice of Marian Oliver. C. de la Reina Maria Cristina.
21:30: Folk dance with Ballets de Catalunya and Racó de Tramuntana. Plaça Major.
22:00: Benefit concert Cap Pela. Sant Domingo cloister. Price, 10 euros.
22:30: Decibels Festival 2013. Ca'n Escarrintxo. 15 euros.

Sunday, 28 July:
09:30: Pollensa photography marathon. Plaça Major. Price, 5 euros.
18:30: Rugby tournament in the Via Pollentia.
19:00: Children's themed party. Plaça de ca les Monnares.
22:00: Revolver in concert with special guest, Jaume Anglada. Sant Domingo cloister. Price, 25 euros.
22:00: Ballroom dance with the Jaume Sureda Orquestra and Quartet Phoenix. Plaça Major.
22:00-02:00: Party with Pollensa DJs. Plaça de ca les Monnares.

Monday, 29 July:
19:00: Children's entertainment with the group Cucorba (followed by ice-creams). Plaça de ca les Monnares.
21:30: Farmers' dance with the Pollensa school of dance and Ballugall. Plaça Major.
22:00: Crisi elevada a 66. Theatre. Sant Domingo cloister. Price, 5 euros.
23:45: Party in the Ca la Gran Cristiana gardens with Toni Llobera and Balater. (The party's theme this year is spectacles, so go wearing glasses.)

Tuesday, 30 July:
10:00-19:00: Table games. Joan March gardens.
18:30: Children's Marxa Fresca (white party) with performance by Martta and the youngest local DJs. For children from 5 to 14. Plaça Vella.
22:00: Pollensa evening with Maria Magdalena Tomila and Felip Munar. Sant Domingo cloister.
22:00: Concert with Top Models Revisited, Paul Collins Beat and 3 Penics. Plaça Major.

Wednesday, 31 July:
19:30: XOP Parc. Foam and music party for children. Plaça de ca les Monnares.
21:30: Music, theatre, poetry for Patrona. Sant Domingo cloister. Price, one euro.
23:30: Marxa Fresca (white party) with DJs Tomeu Perelló and Toni Llobera. Plaça Major.

Thursday, 1 August:

19:00: Children's games. Plaça de ca les Monnares.
20:00: Procession with the Pollensa band of drums and bugles and the municipal band.
21:00. Theatre for senior citizens with the group Terra Nostra. Sant Domingo cloister.
22:30: Night party with The Doldrums, Geminis, Tomeu Penya, La Loca-Motora. Plaça Major.

Friday, 2 August (Patrona):
05:00: The Alborada. Plaça Major, town hall, Plaça de ca les Monnares, Via Pollentia and other locations in Pollensa plus Plaça Miquel Capllonch in Puerto Pollensa.
11:00: Mass and dance by the Cossiers. Parish church.
12:15: Cossiers dance. Plaça Major
12:45: Performance by the Pollensa band of music. Monti-sion church.
13:00: Refreshments for all. Town hall.
17:00: Procession with the Soldà band of drums and bugles.
17:30: Procession with the old image of Patrona.
19:00: Re-enactment of the battle between Moors and Christians.
21:30: Thanksgiving. Song of joy by Costa i Llobera. Interpretation of the Alborada and "Visca Pollença" by the Pollensa music band.
24:00: Fireworks. At the Costa i Llobera monument.

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Friday, 26 July:
09:30: Clean-up of the Es Comú (beach) trail. From Blue Bay Resort hotel.
19:00-02:00: Night beach volleyball tournament.

Saturday, 27 July:
19:00: Procession with the Muro giants, the pipers Es Reguinyol and the folk troupe Revetla d'Algebelí plus dignitaries.
19:15: Exhibition of art by Muro painters. Town hall building.
19:30: Ball de Bot folk dance with Revetla d'Algebelí. In front of the town hall building.
20:00: Opening of the evening market.
21:00: Concert by the band of music Unió Artística Murera. In front of the town hall building.
23:30: Remember 3.0 (music from the '60s, '70s, '80s and '90s) with DJ Blascos plus tasting of gin and tonics. C. Anecs and Royal Beach Music Bar.

Sunday, 28 July:
19:00: Mass with songs from the Miquel Tortell Choir. Sant Albert church, Cami de Ca'n Blau.
20:30: Raising of blue flag, ISO 14001 flag and the new EMAS flag (all to do with beach quality). End of C. Rodríguez de al Fuente.
22:30: Free concert by David De María. In front of the town hall building.
00:30: Fireworks by the English pier.

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Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Music programme:
All concerts are at the Cloister of Sant Domingo in Pollensa, except the street music on 15 August and the concert in Alcúdia on 27 August. Start time is 22:00 for all events in Pollensa.

Saturday, 3 August: Gabriel Estarellas (guitar) and Balearics Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Josep Vicent (Vivaldi, Rodrigo, Shostakovich). CANCELLED OWING TO STRIKE BY THE ORCHESTRA.
Saturday, 10 August: Balearics Symphony Orchesta, conducted by Fernando Veláquez (music for cinema). CANCELLED AND REPLACED BY ARA MALIKIAN AND LA ORQUESTA EN EL TEJADO.
Tuesday, 13 August: Chamber orchestra of The World Orchestra with narrators Rosa Novell, Andrés Lima, Biel Mesquida. "The Soldier's Tale" (Stravinsky/Ramuz).
Wednesday, 14 August: The World Orchestra, conducted by Josep Vicent, with flamenco singer Ginesa Ortega (Ortiz, Falla, Beethoven).
Thursday, 15 August: Music in the streets of Pollensa.
Sunday, 18 August: Claudi Arimany (flute), Josep Francesc Palou (flute), Michel Wagemans (piano). (Mendelssohn, Poulenc, Doppler, Mozart, Martinu, Verdi).
Saturday, 24 August: Federico Guglielmo (violin), Concerto de Cavalieri, conducted by Marcello Di Lisa. (Corelli, Vivaldi).
Tuesday, 27 August:
21:30: The World Orchestra, conducted by Josep Vicent (unpublished works by Michael Nyman). Alcúdia Auditorium.

Plastic arts programme:
20 July-15 September: Amparo Sand, "Shady Scenes".

Cinema programme:
Films with soundtracks by Fernando Velázquez. On the terrace at Pollensa town hall.

Wednesday, 7 August:
22:00: "Lo imposible", Juan Antonio Bayona.
Thursday. 8 August:
22:00: "Los ojos de Julia", Guillem Morales.

Literature programme:
Literature and war, a programme co-ordinated by Malcolm Otero Barral, publisher and writer, and Maria Antònia Fornés Pallicer, professor from the Department of Spanish Philology, Classic and Modern at the Universitat de les Illes Balears. Plus many other participants.
5 August-9 August: Morning (10:00-12:00) and afternoon (16:00-18:00) sessions at the Club Pollença.

Prices for events: Please note that no information has been issued as yet. As soon as it is, this post will be updated.

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Monday, July 15, 2013


Monday, 22 July:
18:00: Popular walk from the large beach.

Tuesday, 23 July:
17:00: Percussion workshop. Social centre.
20:00: Children's party with the group Mel i Sucre. Plaça de l'Església.
22:00: Foam party. Plaça de l'Església.

Wednesday, 24 July:
17:30: Table tennis tournament. Social centre.

Thursday, 25 July:
19:30: Ball de Bot (folk dance) course. Plaça de l'Església.
22:30: Open-air cinema. "La Vida de Pi". Plaça de l'Església.

Friday, 26 July:
18:00: Minigimcana. Treasure hunt for kids to 16 years of age. Plaça de l'Església.
21:00: Evening treasure hunt for the over-16s. Plaça de l'Església.
22:00: Ballroom dance. Social centre.
23:59: Summer carnival with performances by groups Pleasures Candy, Química Latina and DJs Xispita and Rubens. Plaça de l'Església.

Saturday. 27 July:
07:30: Can Picafort-Son Serra boat race (kayaks, paddle boats  and others).
13:00: S'Algada (seaweed) party with batucada groups Déltambor and Valltukada. Connected to the story of posidonia sea grass and anchors. Plaça de l'Església.
23:00: S'Algada Fest with groups Dona Llop, Potopop, Islanders. Plaça de l'Església.

Sunday, 28 July:
11:00: Sandcastle competition. Large beach.
18:30: Eight kilometre race. Plaça de l'Església.
21:45: Prayer/oration for the fiestas, followed by performance by the Santa Margalida band of music. Plaça de l'Església.
22:30: Bingo. Plaça de l'Església.

Monday, 29 July:
09:00-21:00: Paddle surf day. Large beach.

Tuesday, 30 July:
17:30: Petanque tournament. Social centre.
19:30: SOS beach. Conservation. Social centre.

Wednesday, 31 July:
19:00: Exhibition of Son Serra photography. Yacht club.
21:30: Concert by youth performers. Social centre.

Thursday, 1 August:
18:00: Beach volleyball. Large beach.
19:30: Ball de Bot (folk dance) course. Plaça de l'Església.
21:30: Open-air theatre. Plaça de l'Església.

Friday, 2 August:
18:00: Painting competition. Social centre.
19:15: Meeting of pipers. Plaça de l'Església.
20:00: Tapas sampling and competition. Plaça de l'Església.
20:30: The warriors of the past return to Son Real. Spectacular that reconstructs the background to the warriors interred in the necropolis at Son Real. Price, 12 euros. At the Son Real necropolis.
22:30: Glosadors contest. Plaça de l'Església.
23:59: Folk dance with groups Qanarusa and Al-Mayurqa. Plaça de l'Església.

Saturday, 3 August:
Fishing competition.
11:00: Painting the streets. Children's activity. Social centre.
18:00: Wheelbarrow race. In front of the yacht club.
23:00: Grand party with the groups Velvet Band, Without Strings, Societat Anònima. Plaça de l'Església.

Sunday, 4 August:

12:00: Pirates battle!
13:00: Duck release! (rubber/plastic ducks). Yacht club.
18:00: Games. Plaça de l'Església.
22:00: Ball de Bot with the group Puig de Bonany. Plaça de l'Església.
23:59: End of fiestas fire display. Plaça de l'Església.

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Saturday, July 13, 2013


Thursday, 18 July:
How did the ancient Romans dress?
Workshop for men's and women's clothing from Roman times led by designer Antònia Marquès and a specialist in clothing accessories (helmets), Steven Gregori. Place: Fundació Torrens. 18-20 July at 20:00. Reservations (free) from the Alcúdia auditorium.
21:00: Prayer/oration for the fiestas. Sant Jaume church.

Friday, 19 July:
21:30: Presentation of the book of photographs "D-Isla A-Isla". Can Fondo exhibition hall.
22:30: International DJ Raúl Parra at the bullring. Tickets on sale on the day at the bullring.

Saturday, 20 July:
10:00-18:00: Beach football tournament. Entries by phone (695 551 156, Tomeu Oliver / 652 526 541, Xisco Pons). Price per team 150 euros (is this right!!!?). Prizes: 300 euros first place, 200 euros second place, dinner for up to ten people third place. Takes place on the sports beach, Ciudad Blanca, Puerto Alcúdia.
16:00: Start of the 46th Alcúdia chess tournament. At the Fundació Torrens. Entries by phone (971 5454 289) between 21:00 and 23:00 by the end of 19 July. Price per player 5 euros / free for local players.

We are citizens of Pollentia!

Cooking from Roman times. Dishes prepared by restaurants in Alcúdia.
10:00: Roman games and children's workshops about ancient Rome including clothing workshop with Antònia Marquès. For children aged six to ten. Information and bookings: Can Torró library from 12 to 18 July. Tel: 971 547 311.
19:00-21:00: "Parvus Ludus". Disco light show with DJ Kike. Music, surprises and games for children to 16 years of age. On the Passeig de Pere Ventayol.
19:00: Roman hairdressing. Featuring Alcúdia hairdressing salons. On the Passeig de Mare de Déu de la Victoria.
22:30: Capitolina party in honour of the gods Jupiter, Juno and Minerva. In Pollentia, Roman town. Music from the 1980s and 1990s. DJs Kike Space and Javier Martín.

Sunday, 21 July:
16:00: Local shoot. At the Cap Gros shooting field.
22:00: The second quiz "Respon a 1000". Grand prize of 1,000 euros. In the bullring.

Monday, 22 July:
10:00: Three-a-side football tournament. Information: 971 907 109. On the Passeig de Mare de Déu de la Victoria.
19:30: Urban explorers. Activity to rediscover our town. A sensory experience of the architecture and other secrets of Alcúdia. For children from six to eleven and from twelve to sixteen. Sant Sebastià gate.
21:00: Supper for Alcúdia pensioners with dance and music and the group Flamers. On the Passeig de Mare de Déu de la Victoria.
22:00. Concert by the Alcúdia town choir, a special for the Sant Crist triennial. Pop rock music, the choir accompanied by various singers and musicians. Alcúdia Auditorium. Free entrance.

Tuesday, 23 July:
10:00: News about Sant Jaume 2013. Can Torró library.
18:30: Children's party with bouncies, foam splash, games, sports, face-painting etc. plus the group Mallorca Festa. On the Passeig de Mare de Déu de la Victoria.
20:00: Inauguration of exhibitions. Painting (at the Can Torró library) and haberdashery (in the library's basement).
22:30: Open-air theatre. The group Pometes Teatre presents "Qui m'ha robat sa roba" (who has stolen the clothes). Bullring.

Wednesday, 24 July:
18:30: Gymnastics show. Passeig de Pere Ventayol.
19:00: Open doors day at Pollentia Roman town.
19:00: Zumba master class. Passeig de la Mare de Déu de la Victoria.
22:30: Brothers In Band (Dire Straits tribute). Passeig de Pere Ventayol.

Thursday, 25 July (Sant Jaume):

11:30: Procession with the Alcúdia band of music.
12:00: Celebration of Sant Jaume at the Sant Jaume church.
13:15: Traditional refreshments at the town hall.
18:30: Bullfighting on horseback. Tickets on the day at the box office and at Fonda Llabrés, Ses Muralles bars and the bullring bar.
22:15: Folk dance with Sarau Alcudienc and Els Millars from Castellón. Plaça de Carles V.

Friday, 26 July (Sant Crist Triennial celebration):
11:00: Solemn celebration of the Eucharist. Followed by the triennial procession for Sant Crist from the church and through the streets with accompaniment by the Alcúdia band of music.
19:30: Martial arts demonstration.
20:00: Start of three-a-side basketball tournament for children. Sports centre.
21:00: Via Fora special for Sant Crist with scenes from the miracle that took place on 24 February 1507. In front of the church.
22:30: Concert by the Alcúdia band of music. Plaça de la Constitució.
24:00: Fireworks. Plaça de Carles V.

Sunday, 28 July:

10:30: Exhibition of martial arts. Municipal gymnasium.
18:30: Bullfight with matadors Curro Díaz, Enrique Ponce, Diego Silvetti. Tickets on the day at the box office and at Fonda Llabrés, Ses Muralles bars and the bullring bar.
20:30: Procession from the bullring to the Plaça de la Constitució with La Xaranga d'Alcúdia.

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Tuesday, July 09, 2013


Saturday, 13 July:
17:00: Children's party. Water games and foam party. Plaça Major.
19:00: Exhibition of and market for model aircraft and helicopters. Sn Boira.
20:00: Concentration of motor bikes. Plaça Major.

Sunday, 14 July:
19:30: Prayer/oration for the fiestas, followed by raising of flags on the bell tower and Batucada d'Albopàs (samba/drum band).
20:30: Folk dance. Plaça Major.
21:30: Ballroom dancing with music led by Pep Toni. Plaça Major.

Monday, 15 July:
20:30: The sixth evening race. From the Plaça Major.

Tuesday, 16 July:
20:00: Marathon evening spinning session. Plaça Major.

Wednesday, 17 July:
22:00: Crestatx Poetry. At the oratory in Crestatx.

Thursday, 18 July:
20:00: Exhibition for 35 years of the Fundació ACA (Area de Creación Acústica) dedicated to Mallorcan contemporary musical culture. Followed by exhibition in honour of the 150th anniversary of the birth of Mallorcan writer Antoni Maria Alcover. Can Planes.

Friday, 19 July:
20:30: Picture disc exhibition. Bar Casa Miss.
21:00: "Completes", last prayer as thanksgiving for the day. At the oratory in Crestatx followed by coca pastries and ice-cream.
23:00: Grand party with performance by Torró Fort, The Cassettes, Baix'n'Nicotina, DJs 3 Brothers.

Saturday, 20 July (Santa Margalida):
11:00: Solemn mass. At the oratory of Crestatx in honour of Santa Margalida, the patron saint of Sa Pobla. Arrival of dignitaries accompanied by the pipers Germans Aloy.
15:00: Cycling race. Can Tro.
16:00: Pigeon shoot. Talapi finca.
18:00: Sling shot championship. Crestatx.
19:00: Western contest. Rancho Toni de Talapi.
21:00: Summer concert by the Sa Pobla choir. Graduate school.
23:00: Party "Mallorca, Paradise of Love" with performances by Los Javaloyas, Los Beta, Walter Klein, Sal y Pimienta, Los Pops and DJ Pedro Rubio. Plaça Major.

Sunday, 21 July:
21:00: Sixth festival of music. Sa Pobla band of music with John Williams soundtracks. Plaça Major.

Monday, 22 July:
20:00: Benefit walk, accompanied by pipers. From the Plaça Major.

Tuesday, 23 July:
21:00: Tortilla contest. Open-air supper in the Plaça Major.

Wednesday, 24 July:
22:30: Playback contest and then performance by Val 9. Plaça Major.

Thursday, 25 July (Sant Jaume):
11:00: Street procession with the pipers Els Xirois.
11:30: "Jewel" races. Plaça Major.
21:00: Folk dance led by Marjal en Festa. Plaça Major.
22:30: Show "Madó Pereta" (a comic female character/entertainer played by Joan Carles Bestard). Plaça Major.
24:00: Fireworks. Plaça Major.

Friday, 26 July:
22:00: Electronic Meeting. Manu Sanchez, Angel Costa, Jordà. Angelground, Johan Mila, DaniPC, Funk Visuals. Sports centre.

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Wednesday, July 03, 2013


All concerts take place in the Plaça Major, Sa Pobla. There is no indication that there is any entrance price this year.

Tuesday, 6 August:
22:30: Saxophobia Funk Project. Cristian Sorribas, soprano sax; Miquel Ángel Rigo, alto sax; Alberto Moreno, tenor sax; José Valle, baritone sax; Miquel Marquet, drums; Juanjo Monserrat, electric guitar; Luis Bayón, bass.

Wednesday, 7 August:
22:30: Aruán Ortiz Trio. Arúan Ortiz, piano; Rob Garcia, drums; Raynald Colom, trumpet.

Thursday, 8 August:
22:30: Joachim Kühn Trio. Joachim Kúhn, piano; Majid Bekkas, lute, guembri and vocals; Ramón López, drums, tabla and percussion.

Friday, 9 August:
22:30: Dan Fox and Travelling School Band. Dan Fox, trombone and bass; Jimmy Weinstein, drums; Noah Preminger, sax; Lilli Santon, vocals; Toni Miranda, guitar; Pere Davila, guitar.

Saturday, 10 August: Final concert by the Travelling School.

6-10 August:
20:00-22:00: Painting exhibition. Núria Palau. Sala Es Cavallet.

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Monday, July 01, 2013


Saturday, 6 July:
10:00: 3-a-side football, Plaça Miquel Capllonch
22:00: Party at La Gola with DJs Miki and Tperello.

Sunday, 7 July:
21.30: Piano concert at the church. Free entrance.

Monday, 8 July:
19:00: Children's entertainment. Clowns, jugglers, etc. Plaça Miquel Capllonch.
20:00: Opening of the exhibition of the UOM (adult open university, I think), "la bellesa d'envellir" (the beauty of ageing). Hall of the Miquel Capllonch building.

Tuesday, 9 July:

22:00: Farmers' dance and music by pipers with the group Aires de la Cala and the pipers Xeremiers Orats. Plaça Miquel Capllonch.

Wednesday, 10 July:
19:00: Games for children of all ages. Plaça Miquel Capllonch.
20:00: Ice-creams for children. Miquel Capllonch building.
21:00: Prayer for the fiestas "Vull ressaltar el pescador" (honouring the fisherman) at the church.
22:00: Concert by Martí Sáez, Guillem Segui and Mateu Vila at the church.

Thursday, 11 July:
21:00: Benefit supper in the Plaça Miquel Capllonch. Prices: 10 euros adults and 5 euros for children from 2 to 8 years of age. Entertainment from the brass band Los Valencianos.
23:00: Ballroom dancing with the orchestra Oasis and singer Marga Pocoví. Plaça Miquel Capllonch.

Friday, 12 July:
19:00: Children's sailors' party. Plaça Miquel Capllonch.
20:00: Closing of the exhibition of the UOM. Miquel Capllonch building.

Saturday, 13 July:
17:00-22:00: Western rodeo trials. At Ca'n Escarrinxo (in Pollensa).
21:00: Sailors' race. Passeig Saralegui.
23:30: Sailors' party (go dressed as a sailor) with DJs Le Tres Maries and Juan Campos. Plaça Miquel Capllonch.

Sunday, 14 July:
11:00-14:00: Plunge for multiple sclerosis. Albercuix beach.
18:30: Solemn mass followed by procession and flotilla with the images of Sant Pere and the Mare de Déu del Carme.
23:00: Fire run and pyrotechnic spectacular with the Ca de Bou demons' gang accompanied by the gang's drummers. From Plaça Miquel Capllonch to La Gola.
23:00: Fireworks at La Gola beach
(PLEASE NOTE: The timings for the demons and the fireworks come from the official programme. There must be a mistake, so the fireworks are probably at 24:00.)

Evening market from 18:00 to 23:30 on 13 and 14 July on the Passeig Anglada Camarasa.
Beach rugby on 13 July on La Gola beach.

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