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Saturday, 13 July:
17:00: Children's party. Water games and foam party. Plaça Major.
19:00: Exhibition of and market for model aircraft and helicopters. Sn Boira.
20:00: Concentration of motor bikes. Plaça Major.

Sunday, 14 July:
19:30: Prayer/oration for the fiestas, followed by raising of flags on the bell tower and Batucada d'Albopàs (samba/drum band).
20:30: Folk dance. Plaça Major.
21:30: Ballroom dancing with music led by Pep Toni. Plaça Major.

Monday, 15 July:
20:30: The sixth evening race. From the Plaça Major.

Tuesday, 16 July:
20:00: Marathon evening spinning session. Plaça Major.

Wednesday, 17 July:
22:00: Crestatx Poetry. At the oratory in Crestatx.

Thursday, 18 July:
20:00: Exhibition for 35 years of the Fundació ACA (Area de Creación Acústica) dedicated to Mallorcan contemporary musical culture. Followed by exhibition in honour of the 150th anniversary of the birth of Mallorcan writer Antoni Maria Alcover. Can Planes.

Friday, 19 July:
20:30: Picture disc exhibition. Bar Casa Miss.
21:00: "Completes", last prayer as thanksgiving for the day. At the oratory in Crestatx followed by coca pastries and ice-cream.
23:00: Grand party with performance by Torró Fort, The Cassettes, Baix'n'Nicotina, DJs 3 Brothers.

Saturday, 20 July (Santa Margalida):
11:00: Solemn mass. At the oratory of Crestatx in honour of Santa Margalida, the patron saint of Sa Pobla. Arrival of dignitaries accompanied by the pipers Germans Aloy.
15:00: Cycling race. Can Tro.
16:00: Pigeon shoot. Talapi finca.
18:00: Sling shot championship. Crestatx.
19:00: Western contest. Rancho Toni de Talapi.
21:00: Summer concert by the Sa Pobla choir. Graduate school.
23:00: Party "Mallorca, Paradise of Love" with performances by Los Javaloyas, Los Beta, Walter Klein, Sal y Pimienta, Los Pops and DJ Pedro Rubio. Plaça Major.

Sunday, 21 July:
21:00: Sixth festival of music. Sa Pobla band of music with John Williams soundtracks. Plaça Major.

Monday, 22 July:
20:00: Benefit walk, accompanied by pipers. From the Plaça Major.

Tuesday, 23 July:
21:00: Tortilla contest. Open-air supper in the Plaça Major.

Wednesday, 24 July:
22:30: Playback contest and then performance by Val 9. Plaça Major.

Thursday, 25 July (Sant Jaume):
11:00: Street procession with the pipers Els Xirois.
11:30: "Jewel" races. Plaça Major.
21:00: Folk dance led by Marjal en Festa. Plaça Major.
22:30: Show "Madó Pereta" (a comic female character/entertainer played by Joan Carles Bestard). Plaça Major.
24:00: Fireworks. Plaça Major.

Friday, 26 July:
22:00: Electronic Meeting. Manu Sanchez, Angel Costa, Jordà. Angelground, Johan Mila, DaniPC, Funk Visuals. Sports centre.

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