Monday, July 01, 2013


Saturday, 6 July:
10:00: 3-a-side football, Plaça Miquel Capllonch
22:00: Party at La Gola with DJs Miki and Tperello.

Sunday, 7 July:
21.30: Piano concert at the church. Free entrance.

Monday, 8 July:
19:00: Children's entertainment. Clowns, jugglers, etc. Plaça Miquel Capllonch.
20:00: Opening of the exhibition of the UOM (adult open university, I think), "la bellesa d'envellir" (the beauty of ageing). Hall of the Miquel Capllonch building.

Tuesday, 9 July:

22:00: Farmers' dance and music by pipers with the group Aires de la Cala and the pipers Xeremiers Orats. Plaça Miquel Capllonch.

Wednesday, 10 July:
19:00: Games for children of all ages. Plaça Miquel Capllonch.
20:00: Ice-creams for children. Miquel Capllonch building.
21:00: Prayer for the fiestas "Vull ressaltar el pescador" (honouring the fisherman) at the church.
22:00: Concert by Martí Sáez, Guillem Segui and Mateu Vila at the church.

Thursday, 11 July:
21:00: Benefit supper in the Plaça Miquel Capllonch. Prices: 10 euros adults and 5 euros for children from 2 to 8 years of age. Entertainment from the brass band Los Valencianos.
23:00: Ballroom dancing with the orchestra Oasis and singer Marga Pocoví. Plaça Miquel Capllonch.

Friday, 12 July:
19:00: Children's sailors' party. Plaça Miquel Capllonch.
20:00: Closing of the exhibition of the UOM. Miquel Capllonch building.

Saturday, 13 July:
17:00-22:00: Western rodeo trials. At Ca'n Escarrinxo (in Pollensa).
21:00: Sailors' race. Passeig Saralegui.
23:30: Sailors' party (go dressed as a sailor) with DJs Le Tres Maries and Juan Campos. Plaça Miquel Capllonch.

Sunday, 14 July:
11:00-14:00: Plunge for multiple sclerosis. Albercuix beach.
18:30: Solemn mass followed by procession and flotilla with the images of Sant Pere and the Mare de Déu del Carme.
23:00: Fire run and pyrotechnic spectacular with the Ca de Bou demons' gang accompanied by the gang's drummers. From Plaça Miquel Capllonch to La Gola.
23:00: Fireworks at La Gola beach
(PLEASE NOTE: The timings for the demons and the fireworks come from the official programme. There must be a mistake, so the fireworks are probably at 24:00.)

Evening market from 18:00 to 23:30 on 13 and 14 July on the Passeig Anglada Camarasa.
Beach rugby on 13 July on La Gola beach.

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