Saturday, June 30, 2007

LA MARE DE DÉU DE LA VICTÒRIA - La Victoria, Alcúdia

This celebration occurs in the area of La Victoria (with the exception of the beach volleyball). From Bonaire, follow the sign for La Victoria and the Hermitage. La Mare de Déu is a very typical folk celebration.

Sunday 1 July

17:00: Beach volleyball finals. Place: Beach by Ciudad Blanca (Bellevue area), Puerto Alcúdia

18:00: The local race “Pujada a la Victoria”.

21:30: Mass.

22:30: Mallorcan celebration with the groups Sarau Alcudienc and Tacàritx.

Monday 2 July

11:30: Arrival of the authorities of La Victoria, accompanied by the Alcúdia Municipal Band.

12:00: Eucharist, with the traditional offer of camomile.

12:30: Races and games.

14:00: A Grand Paella.

16:30: Ball de Bot, Mallorcan folk dance and music.

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Saturday, June 23, 2007


29 June: Be a part of the famous marine procession courtesy of No Frills Excursions. The 29th is the big day for Sant Pere - fireworks, the whole nine yards. HURRY, HURRY. Limited availability. No Frills, call (0034) 971 897 066

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Thursday, June 21, 2007


From 21 June to 17 July: There is a photographic exhibition “Anys de Triennal” with work by a celebrated local photographer, Josep Antoni Fernández. The title of the exhibition reflects an emphasis on the Fiesta de Sant Crist, the triannual event that will be held this year (500th anniversary) on 26 July. Place: Biblioteca de Can Torro, C/. Serra, Alcúdia (just up from the main parking).

Please remember that the Fiesta of Sant Pere is now under way. June 29th is the really big day. Check the previous entry for the full programme. Enjoy it.

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Sunday, June 17, 2007

SANT JOAN (SAINT JOHN) - Fiestas de Muro

These are just some highlights. There are no significant events taking place in Playa de Muro.

Tuesday 19 June, 21:00 “Al fresco” supper, popular dance and performances by groups such as Tramundança. Place: Plaça Comte d’Empúries

Thursday 21 June, 22:00: Concerts with groups Milladoiro and Ximbomba Atòmica. Place: in front of the town hall.

Friday 22 June, 23:00: Performances by Trio Vibracions and Orquestra Salsalaia. Place: Plaça Comte d’Empúries

Saturday 23 June, 23:30: Fireworks and then concert for young people with Antònia Font, Dorian, Mendetz. Place: Plaça Santa Catalina Tomàs

Sunday 24 June, 23:00: Disco with music from the 70s and 80s. Performances by Horris Kamoi, Pelucon Flowers, DJ Bill & Ferry. Place: Plaça Major

Monday 25 June, 18:30: Bullfight - El Cordobés, Vicente Barrera, Ortega Cano. Place: Plaça de Toros. 22:00: End of fiesta with concert by Tomeu Penya accompanied by the orchestra Geminis and the Santanyi Music Band. And then fireworks display.

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Tuesday, June 12, 2007


The fiesta of San Pere runs from 22 to 30 June, the main day being 29 June, this being San Pere (Saint Peter) day.

The following is more or less a complete English version of the programme as set out by the Alcúdia Tourist Information Office.

Friday 22 June

19:00: Fishermen´s stories. Programme from Alcúdia Radio.

21:00: People’s Cinema. Images from the historical archives of Alcúdia. Theme: Alcúdia Pier.
Images are from the 1950s to the 1970s and include some of the main procession of Sant Pere. Place: Sala Parroquial del Moll.

22:00: Folk ballad and dance with the groups Sarau Alcudienc, Quart Creixent and Música Nostra. Place: Paseo Marítimo.

Saturday 23 June

10:00: Human tower competition. Place: beach in front of the Xara building (the Xara beach is essentially the first part of the beach in Puerto Alcúdia by the marina .

10:30: Beach rugby tournament. Place: beach at Ciudad Blanca (Bellevue area). (Finals take place at 19:00)

11:00: Cycle tour within the municipality. Leaves: The Public Sports Hall.

18:30: Children’s Games at the old pier.

19:30: Musical “Yesterday”. Place: Alcúdia Auditorium. Free entry.

21:00: Sardine feast and fishermen’s songs with the group Sotavent. Place: Moll Vell (old pier). Price: 1 euro.

Sunday 24 June

09:00: Inter-island Judo Championship. Place: Sports Hall.

22:00: 25th Anniversary of Radio Balear. Sea songs with performances by Sotavent, Coral de s’Arraval de Santa Catalina, Joana Pons and Her Guitars, Jaume Sureda and Blau Marí. Place: Paseo Marítimo.

Monday 25 June

11:30: Swimming tests for different children’s age groups. Place: Swimming Pool.

18:30: Karate Exhibition. Place: Paseo Marítimo

19:30: Modern Ballroom Dancing Exhibition. Place: Paseo Marítimo

22:00: Performance by local groups, Victor Rosa i Lupo, The Prime Time, Hoax. Place: Paseo Marítimo.

Tuesday 26 June

18:00: Football Tournament Semi-Finals (Junior). 20:00 Senior Semi-Finals. Place: Sports Field.

19:00: Gymnastic Display. Place: Paseo Marítimo.

22:00: Cinema “al fresco” “Descobrint Els Robinson”. Place: Paseo Marítimo.

22:00-00:30: Speedminton. Badminton under floodlights. Place: Xara beach.

Wednesday 27 June

18:00/20:00: Football Tournament Finals. Place: Sports Field.

18:30: Children’s Beach Games. Place: Xara beach.

18:30: Capoeira Exhibition (Brazilian martial arts). Place: Paseo Marítimo.

20:00: Senior Citizen’s Refreshment. Place: Retirement Home.

22:00: Concert by the Alcúdia Municipal Music Band. And a Beatles tribute “A Hard Day’s Night”. Place: Paseo Marítimo.

Thursday 28 June

09:30-14:00: Personal Safety for Children. Place: By the swimming pool.

19:30: 15th Anniversary of Alcúdia Radio.Procession from the Clot beach (Barcares) to Charles Square in the old town, the roundabout at the top of C/. Teodoro Canet. Accompanied by Giants and ending at the Paseo Marítimo and in front of Bar Lovento.

22:30: Ballroom dancing and music from “Quartet Pacha”. Place: Paseo Marítimo.

Friday 29 June - Sant Pere

11:00: Procession with the Alcúdia Municipal Music Band.

11:15/11:30: Meetings of Fishermen. Place: Plaça Constitució, Alcúdia.

12:00: Mass: Place: Parròquia (Church) de la Mare de Déu del Carme i Sant Pere.

14:00: Lunch for Retired Fishermen. Place: Cases de Son Sant Martí.

19:00: Mass at Mare de Déu del Carme i Sant Pere followed by the Grand Procession with the image of Sant Pere

22:30: Night Party, with performance by Natalia (a one-time contestant in the Spanish equivalent, more or less, of “Pop Idol”). Place: Paseo Marítimo.

00:30: Grand Fireworks Display. Place: Moll Vell (old pier).

Saturday 30 June

Various sports events during the day

23:30: Beach Party with rock groups The Magnetic Band, The Nash, Sterling. Place: Xara beach.

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Monday, June 04, 2007



“The Losers” (hard rock) and “Keep Out” (death metal) will be appearing at Vamps this Saturday coming, 9 June.

Kicks off around 23:00. FREE entry. Vamps is in C/. Astoria, Puerto Alcúdia more or less next to Bells Disco, just off Pere Mas i Reus


La Liga footy trip courtesy of No Frills Excursions. Saturday, 9 June. Kick off 21:00. Adults: 57 euros. Kids: 30 euros.


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