Saturday, August 28, 2010


All concerts take place at the Auditorium in Alcúdia and start at 22:00.

Saturday, 4 September:
Five in Orbit. Price 12 euros.

Saturday, 11 September:
Xavier Dotras Trio. Price 12 euros.

Saturday, 18 September:
Sumrrá. Price 12 euros.

Friday, 24 September:
Eva Cortes. Price 15 euros.

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Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Friday, 27 August:
19:00: Treasure hunt. From Plaça de la Vila.

20:30: Opening of painting exhibition by Juan Sanz. Sala de la Rectoria

22:00: Open-air cinema (in Catalan). Ice Age: Origin of the Dinosaurs. Paseo Pouás.

Sunday, 29 August:
18:15: Opening of photographic exhibition about the fiestas of La Beata. Local Antònia Quetglas.

18:30: Fiftieth anniversary of Bar Sa Granja. At the bar.

19:30: Mass and prayer for the fiestas. With concert by the Santa Margalida choir.

Monday, 30 August:
19:30: Street procession and batucada (drum/samba).

Tuesday, 30 August:
20:00: Demonstration of and classes for rhythmic gymnastics, pilates, aerobics, spinning. Plaça de la Vila and Plaça de l'Església.

Wednesday, 1 September:
17:30: Water theme park. Plaça de la Vila.

19:00: Opening of exhibition by Toni Dalmau. Sala de la Rectoria.

19:15: Opening of exhibition by Gerard Matas. Casal de Cultura.

19:30: T-shirt competition. Auditorium.

20:15: Ball de Bot.

21:30: Dance with performances by Aires Vileros and Música Nostra. Plaça de la Vila.

Thursday, 2 September:
19:00: Children's entertainment with the group Cucorba. Plaça de la Vila.

20:00: Organ recital (with flute accompaniment). Santa Margalida parish church.

21:30: Playback (miming contest).

Friday, 3 September:
18:00: Mobylette party. Ctra. Artà in front of the Guardia Civil buildings.

19:00: Bell ringing.

20:30: Opening of exhibition of photos of the Beata procession. Auditorium.

23:30: Fire run with demons. From the church to the Plaça de la Vila.

00:30: Performance by Es Reboster with DJs Parragó and Puça.

Saturday, 4 September:
17:00: Traditional races, with accompaniment by pipers and whistlers.

19:30: Flowers for La Beata. Pipers and whistlers and music bands. Town hall.

20:00: Mass followed by street procession with the "relic" of Santa Catalina. Parish church and then streets.

21:30: Open air supper. Price up to ten euros.

22:30: Party with the groups Horris Kamoi, Romantics, Tres Kaires, Tumbet de Solfa. Plaça de la Vila. And followed by processions with the local band of music through the town.

Sunday, 5 September (Day of La Beata):
10:00: Departure of the demons.

11:00: Mass. With Santa Margalida choir and band of music and ball de bot and pipers and whistlers. Parish church.

17:30: Floats and carriages.

19:00: Parade of bands of music and pipers. Starting from Plaça d'n Ramin i d'en Panxo.

21:00: The La Beata procession.

24:00: Party with music from the 60s, 70s and 80s, with performances by Trio Arco Iris, Mallorca Nostàlgica and Luis Aguilé. Plaça de la Vila.

Monday, 6 September:
22:00: Comedy night "Per amunt i per avall". Plaça de la Vila.

Friday, 10 September:
21:00: Open-air supper - benefit for building work at the church. 15 euros in advance from various locations. Performance by the orchestra Yesterday. In front of the church.

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Monday, August 16, 2010


Thursday, 19 August:
20:00: Procession with the Pollensa drums and bugles band.

Friday, 20 August:
Art and drinks 2010.
20:00: Opens with giants and pipers at the lookout point in Cala Barques. Then at Hotels Molins, Cala San Vicente and Oriola as well as Restaurant Modesto and Bar Pinar. Different artists exhibit at each location.

Saturday, 21 August:
22:30: Dance to a performance by Aumadrà and Baix'Nictotina. Place: Cala Molins.

Sunday, 22 August:
21:00: Traditional African music with Djemde Binye. At Cala Molins.

Sunday, 29 August:
22:00: Musical and visual spectacular with Marta Ferrer. Cala Molins.

23:30: Fireworks. Cala Molins.

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