Friday, January 11, 2013


Sunday, 13 January:
10:00: Meeting of giants in Placeta del Convent.

11:00: Procession by the giants of Muro.

12:30: Dance with all the giants. In front of the town hall.

Wednesday, 16 January (Sant Antoni Eve):
09:30: Demons and Sant Antoni set off for visits to local schools.

17:00: Bonfires competition. Judges visit the bonfires, accompanied by the Es Reguinyol xeremier pipers.

19:45: Demons leave the Convent cloister accompanied by the Unió Artística Murera band, pass through squares of the town until arriving by the town hall.

20:15: Beasties and demons dance in front of the town hall, accompanied by Es Reguinyol xeremier pipers and music band.

20:45: Lighting of the bonfires and fire-run by the demons de Sa Pedrera.

21:30: Sant Antoni party:
Plaça Abeuradors - Ximbomba (21:30)
Plaça in front of the pensioners bar - Dúo Pacha, Pep Toni, D'Arco Iris (22:00)
Plaça in front of the town hall - Revetla d'Algebelí and Germans Martorell (folk music and dance, from 22:30)
Plaça Sant Martí - Anònims, Celecito y Los Jamfris (rock, from 23:30).

Thursday, 17 January (Sant Antoni):
11:30: Rockets and then procession with pipers and giants.

12:00: Solemn mass and songs by the Miquel Tortell Choir.

15:00: Gathering and then blessing of the animals.

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Thursday, January 10, 2013


Main highlights of the weekend -

Friday, 18 January:

From 21:00: Palma 40 Pop & Dance 2013. Numerous Mallorcan/Spanish acts. Plaça Espanya.

Saturday, 19 January:
Start of the celebration for Sant Sebastià.
19:00: Giants, big heads and dragon leave from the Plaça Cort, accompanied by pipers, and head to the Plaça Major.

19:30: Giants dance and pipers play.

20:00: The dragon sets light to the bonfire.

Plaça Major from 20:00: Mallorcan folk
Plaça Cort from 20:00: Pop
Sa Llotja from 22:00: Jazz
Plaça Espanya from 22:00: DJs, indie
Plaça Sant Francesc from 22:00: Ballet and flamenco
Plaça Olivar from 21:00: Folk from Spain and Latin America
Plaça Joan Carles I: Indie rock
Plaça Santo Domingo de la Calzada: Tributes - Police, Led Zeppelin plus

Sunday, 20 January (Sant Sebastià):
10:30: Solemn mass at the cathedral.

17:00: Concert by the Mallorcan capella choir. Cathedral.

20:00: Mega festival of rhythm run by Flaix FM. DJs etc. Plaça Olivar.

21:30: MClan in concert. Plaça Espanya.

Monday, 21 January:
19:00: Massive demons fire-run. Several demons gangs and beasties. Starts from the Mar i Terra Theatre and ends in Plaça Santo Domingo de la Calzada.

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Wednesday, 16 January (Sant Antoni Eve):
16:30: Departure of Sant Antoni and the demons from the town hall, accompanied by pipers for a procession around the streets of Alcúdia.

20:00: Night of ximbombas and bonfires. In the Plaça Constitució. Plate of bread with sausage plus a drink, one euro.

Thursday, 17 January (Sant Antoni):
16:30: Traditional blessing of the animals by Sant Jaume church.

Bonfires will be lit at different times around the town and on the eve of Sant Sebastià (19 January), there will be two more and further ones on 23, 25 and 26 January. On the 26th, one of the fires will be that of Café Gregal in Puerto Alcúdia.

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Wednesday, January 09, 2013


(Events are for Pollensa town except where Puerto Pollensa is indicated. Apologies for the original post which had the Sunday as Sant Antoni Eve; it is the Wednesday.)

Saturday, 12 January:
20:00: Fire-run with the junior gang of the demons Ca de Bou and barbecue.

23:00: Fire-run by Ca de Bou plus the demons Hiachat from Santa Margalida.

Sunday, 13 January:
18:00: Farmers' dance with the Pollensa school of country dance.

Wednesday, 16 January (Sant Antoni Eve)::
18:00: Bonfires competition. Visit by judges and dignitaries, accompanied by the pipers Xeremiers Orats.

19:00: (Puerto Pollensa) Bonfires competition. Visit by judges and dignitaries, accompanied by the pipers Xeremiers Orats.

21:00: Lighting of the bonfires. The demons Ca de Bou light up the evening.

Thursday, 17 January (Sant Antoni):
09:00: (Puerto Pollensa) Departure by bus from in front of the church (presumably to go to Formentor).

10:00: Traditional parade and blessings.

11:30: Setting off to the Ternelles finca to collect the pine. From the Plaça Almoina.
11:30: (Puerto Pollensa) Traditional parade and blessings.

12:00: (Puerto Pollensa) Arrival of the pine.

12:30: Lunch at Ternelles.

13:30: (Puerto Pollensa) Raising of the pine in the church square.

14:00: Departure of the pine from Ternelles.

19:00: Raising of the pine in Plaça Vella.

Friday, 18 January:

Visit to schools in Pollensa by the Xeremiers Orats pipers and the demons Ca de Bou.

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Tuesday, January 08, 2013


There are various events in the run-up to Sant Antoni Eve and Sant Antoni Day, such as workshops and concerts. Three are listed here along with the programme for the main two days.

Saturday, 12 January:
24:00: Fire-run with the demons d'Albopàs plus other "collas" of demons. Plaça Major.

Sunday, 13 January:
18:30: Popular dance organised by the group Marjal en Festa. Plaça Major.

20:00: Traditional concert for Sant Antoni by the Sa Pobla choir. Parish church.

Wednesday, 16 January (Sant Antoni Eve):
10:00: Departure of children of the town to gather wood for the bonfires of the parish church and town hall. Accompanied by the band of cornets and drums of the Sant Antoni brotherhood.

14:30: Departure of demons on procession of streets of the town.

18:45: Ceremony of the historic sanctioning to start the Sant Antoni celebration. In front of the town hall.

19:30: Reception for dignitaries at the town hall.

19:45: Departure from in front of the town hall of different demons groups, giants, caparrots (big heads) and the Sa Pobla band of music.

20:00: The "completes" solemn ceremony.

21:15: Traditional dances by demons and caparrots accompanied by the Sa Pobla band of music. Plaça Major.

21:30: Pyromusical spectacular. Plaça Major.

00:30: Ximbomba players and glosadors - a grand "concert". Plaça Major.

Thursday, 17 January (Sant Antoni):
10:00: Procession with xeremiers (pipers).

11:30: Solemn mass. Followed by offer of local produce and dance courtesy of Marjal en Festa.

13:00: Dance of the big head caparrots. Plaça Major.

15:30: Traditional blessing of the animals. Church square, with accompaniment by xeremiers and giants.

16:00: Parade of floats, accompanied by the band of cornets of the Sant Antoni brotherhood and demons.

17:00: Performance of Sa Pobla dance. Plaça Major.

18:00: Prizes for best floats. In front of the town hall.

Gastronomy special for Sant Antoni. From 11 to 20 January, various bars and restaurants will be providing specialities for Sant Antoni - eel specialities.

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