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Thursday, 18 July:
How did the ancient Romans dress?
Workshop for men's and women's clothing from Roman times led by designer Antònia Marquès and a specialist in clothing accessories (helmets), Steven Gregori. Place: Fundació Torrens. 18-20 July at 20:00. Reservations (free) from the Alcúdia auditorium.
21:00: Prayer/oration for the fiestas. Sant Jaume church.

Friday, 19 July:
21:30: Presentation of the book of photographs "D-Isla A-Isla". Can Fondo exhibition hall.
22:30: International DJ Raúl Parra at the bullring. Tickets on sale on the day at the bullring.

Saturday, 20 July:
10:00-18:00: Beach football tournament. Entries by phone (695 551 156, Tomeu Oliver / 652 526 541, Xisco Pons). Price per team 150 euros (is this right!!!?). Prizes: 300 euros first place, 200 euros second place, dinner for up to ten people third place. Takes place on the sports beach, Ciudad Blanca, Puerto Alcúdia.
16:00: Start of the 46th Alcúdia chess tournament. At the Fundació Torrens. Entries by phone (971 5454 289) between 21:00 and 23:00 by the end of 19 July. Price per player 5 euros / free for local players.

We are citizens of Pollentia!

Cooking from Roman times. Dishes prepared by restaurants in Alcúdia.
10:00: Roman games and children's workshops about ancient Rome including clothing workshop with Antònia Marquès. For children aged six to ten. Information and bookings: Can Torró library from 12 to 18 July. Tel: 971 547 311.
19:00-21:00: "Parvus Ludus". Disco light show with DJ Kike. Music, surprises and games for children to 16 years of age. On the Passeig de Pere Ventayol.
19:00: Roman hairdressing. Featuring Alcúdia hairdressing salons. On the Passeig de Mare de Déu de la Victoria.
22:30: Capitolina party in honour of the gods Jupiter, Juno and Minerva. In Pollentia, Roman town. Music from the 1980s and 1990s. DJs Kike Space and Javier Martín.

Sunday, 21 July:
16:00: Local shoot. At the Cap Gros shooting field.
22:00: The second quiz "Respon a 1000". Grand prize of 1,000 euros. In the bullring.

Monday, 22 July:
10:00: Three-a-side football tournament. Information: 971 907 109. On the Passeig de Mare de Déu de la Victoria.
19:30: Urban explorers. Activity to rediscover our town. A sensory experience of the architecture and other secrets of Alcúdia. For children from six to eleven and from twelve to sixteen. Sant Sebastià gate.
21:00: Supper for Alcúdia pensioners with dance and music and the group Flamers. On the Passeig de Mare de Déu de la Victoria.
22:00. Concert by the Alcúdia town choir, a special for the Sant Crist triennial. Pop rock music, the choir accompanied by various singers and musicians. Alcúdia Auditorium. Free entrance.

Tuesday, 23 July:
10:00: News about Sant Jaume 2013. Can Torró library.
18:30: Children's party with bouncies, foam splash, games, sports, face-painting etc. plus the group Mallorca Festa. On the Passeig de Mare de Déu de la Victoria.
20:00: Inauguration of exhibitions. Painting (at the Can Torró library) and haberdashery (in the library's basement).
22:30: Open-air theatre. The group Pometes Teatre presents "Qui m'ha robat sa roba" (who has stolen the clothes). Bullring.

Wednesday, 24 July:
18:30: Gymnastics show. Passeig de Pere Ventayol.
19:00: Open doors day at Pollentia Roman town.
19:00: Zumba master class. Passeig de la Mare de Déu de la Victoria.
22:30: Brothers In Band (Dire Straits tribute). Passeig de Pere Ventayol.

Thursday, 25 July (Sant Jaume):

11:30: Procession with the Alcúdia band of music.
12:00: Celebration of Sant Jaume at the Sant Jaume church.
13:15: Traditional refreshments at the town hall.
18:30: Bullfighting on horseback. Tickets on the day at the box office and at Fonda Llabrés, Ses Muralles bars and the bullring bar.
22:15: Folk dance with Sarau Alcudienc and Els Millars from Castellón. Plaça de Carles V.

Friday, 26 July (Sant Crist Triennial celebration):
11:00: Solemn celebration of the Eucharist. Followed by the triennial procession for Sant Crist from the church and through the streets with accompaniment by the Alcúdia band of music.
19:30: Martial arts demonstration.
20:00: Start of three-a-side basketball tournament for children. Sports centre.
21:00: Via Fora special for Sant Crist with scenes from the miracle that took place on 24 February 1507. In front of the church.
22:30: Concert by the Alcúdia band of music. Plaça de la Constitució.
24:00: Fireworks. Plaça de Carles V.

Sunday, 28 July:

10:30: Exhibition of martial arts. Municipal gymnasium.
18:30: Bullfight with matadors Curro Díaz, Enrique Ponce, Diego Silvetti. Tickets on the day at the box office and at Fonda Llabrés, Ses Muralles bars and the bullring bar.
20:30: Procession from the bullring to the Plaça de la Constitució with La Xaranga d'Alcúdia.

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