Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Friday, 3 August:
19:00-23:00: Festival of sport (karate - keep fit - yoga). Plaça Cervantes

21:30: Audiovisual documentary on the island of Réunion. Library.

Saturday, 4 August:
09:30: Triathlon sprint. Plaça Cervantes.

15:00: Cycle race. From the municipal building.

18:00: Aquatic "megaramp". Sports centre.

20:00: Opening of exhibitions - paintings and handmade craft by adults and senior citizens of Can Picafort. Civic centre.

20:00: Coming together of batucada troupes. Gather in Avda. Josep Trias.

22:00: Ballroom dancing show. Plaça Cervantes.

Sunday, 5 August:
20:00: Sport masterclass (Zumba - ciclo - body-step). Plaça Cervantes.

21:00: Oration and prayer for the fiestas. Municipal building.

Monday, 6 August:
18:00: The soapy pole. Old port.

19:00: Jewel treasure races. Plaça Cervantes.

20:00: Exhibitions - combating disease in Niger and a show of painted fans. Library.

20:00: Watermelon eating competition. Plaça Cervantes.

Tuesday, 7 August:
10:00: T-shirt painting. Children to the age of seven till 11:00, and at 12:00 children from the age of seven. Vora Mar primary school.

18:00: Mini tennis tournament. Sport centre.

20:00: Evening of fashion, street dance and rhythmic gymnastics. Plaça Cervantes.

20:00: Benefit market. Plaça Cervantes.

Wednesday, 8 August:
18:00: Social tennis semi finals. Sports centre.

19:00: Football tournament (youth). Sports centre.

20:00: Children's party with the group Cucorba. Plaça Cervantes.

20:00: Workshop for women with pelvic pain. Library.

21:30: Summer concert. Piano and voice (Joan Pastor Sureda and Álvaro Chávez) , then the Santa Margalida band of music. C. Marina.

22:00: Children's foam party. Plaça Cervantes.

22:00: Treasure hunt. Plaça de la Residència.

Thursday, 9 August:
10:00: Workshop for building sandcastles.

18:00: Finals of the social tennis tournament. Sports centre.

18:00: Sandcastle competition. Beach at the end of Avda. Josep Trias.

19:00: Football tournament (youth). Sports centre.

22:00: Open-air dinner with musical accompaniment. The town hall provides the tables, chairs and the drinks. Plaça Cervantes.

Friday, 10 August:

19:00: Procession. From Sante Fe hotel to the Plaça Cervantes.

20:00: Mediaeval games. Plaça Cervantes.

19:00: Football tournament (youth). Sports centre.

20:00: Conference on martial arts and child development. Library.

23:00: Concert with bands Nada Que Objetar, Band-idos, Casa Rusa. C. Isaac Peral by Studio Bar.

Saturday, 11 August:
09:30: Open swim - gathering of cruisers - regatta. Old port.

18:00: Nordic walking to Son Serra de Marina and back. From and to Plaça Cervantes.

19:00: Ecology fair. Plaça Cervantes.

21:00: Bands of music festival. Parish church.

22:00: Auba night party - various bands and DJs. Sports centre. Free to residents of Santa Margalida (proof of address will be necessary). 16 euros otherwise.

Sunday, 12 August:
TBA: Regatta. Old pier.

17:30: Prizes for the regatta. Club Náutico.

18:00: Radio control model race. Industrial estate.

23:00: Demons fire run. From the marina to Plaça Cervantes.

Monday, 13 August:
19:00: Ball de bot. Plaça Cervantes.

20:00: Art dance. Plaça Cervantes.

22:30: Dance open to all with performance by Aires Vileros. Plaça Cervantes.

Tuesday, 14 August:
19:00: Spectacular with music, dance and theatre. Plaça Cervantes.

20:00: Football tournament (youth). Sports centre.

22:30: Party with performances by Madò Pereta, Romàntics, Fénomenos Band. Plaça Cervantes.

Wednesday, 15 August (Mare de Déu d'Agost):
12:00: Traditional duck throwing and race. By the Hotel Mar y Paz.

20:00: Mass. Virgen de la Asunción church.

23:59: Grand fireworks and pyromusical display. Plaça Cervantes.

Thursday, 16 August:
21:00: Trivial pursuit quiz. By the Bar Puerto.

Friday, 17 August:

20:00: Party for the over-80s. Ball de Bot. Plaça Cervantes.

Saturday, 18 August:
09:00: Archery competition. Plaça Cervantes.

09:30: Beach volleyball tournament. Son Bauló beach.

18:30: Skate Anglet competition. Skate park.

19:00: Race and Nordic walking. From the sports centre.

Sunday, 19 August:
20:00: Benefit walk. From Plaça de la Residència.

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Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Saturday, 28 July:
10:30: Beach volleyball. Beach by the canal.

11:00: Sandcastle building competition. Beach by the Hotel Playa Esperanza.

18:00: Raising of the beach's blue flag and flag for its ISO 14001 standard. C. Rodríguez de la Fuente.

19:30: Batucada procession through the streets of Playa de Muro.

20:00: Evening fair. By and near the municipal building.

21:00-24:00: Tapas route. 3 euros for a tapa and drink. (Restaurants Boy, Dallas, El Tabal, León Rojo, Los Claveles, Maties, Royal Beach.)

21:00: Concert by the Unió Artística Murera music band. By the municipal building.

21:30: Painting exhibition. Municipal building.

23:00: Cocktails. Entrance and cocktail 5 euros. Music Bar Royal Beach.

Sunday, 29 July:
19:00: Mass. Sant Albert Magne church.

19:30: Giants walk through the streets, accompanied by pipers Xeremiers Es Reguinyol and Revetla d'Algebelí ball de bot troupe.

20:15: Ball de bot with Revetla d'Algebelí. By the municipal building.

20:30-23:30: Tapas route.

22:30: Concert by the group El Sueño de Morfeo. By the municipal building.

00:15: Fireworks by the canal.

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Monday, July 23, 2012


These are some of the events occurring during the fiesta season in the village of Son Serra, some seven kilometres down the coast from Can Picafort.

Friday, 27 July:
23:30: Flower Power Party. Performance by the group The Band-Idos and DJ Dani. Plaça de l'Església.

Saturday, 28 July:
22:30: Rock music party. Groups Dona Llop, Islanders, Velvet Band, Guri, Mike Ross. Plaça de l'Església.

Sunday, 29 July:
21:00: Mass and oration for the fiestas by the granddaughter of Joan Massanet Moragues who created the first urbanisation of Son Serra. Church and Plaça de l'Església.

22:00: Bingo. Cards, one euro; bring your own pen. Plaça de l'Església.

Monday, 30 July:
22:00: Karaoke Singstar. Plaça de l'Església.

Tuesday, 31 July:
21:30: Treasure hunt. Four euros per team entrance (by 29 July). Starts from the Plaça de l'Església.

Wednesday, 1 August:
21:30: Youth concert. Social club.

Thursday, 2 August:
22:00: Fashion parade. Plaça de l'Església.

Friday, 3 August:
20:00: Tapas competition. Plaça de l'Església.

23:00: Electronic music festival. DJs J.A.M.C., Albercoc, Charly Price. Plaça de l'Església.

Saturday, 4 August:
23:00: Grand party with groups Duo Yesterday, Societat Anònima, DJ Petiso. Plaça de l'Església.

Sunday, 5 August:
12:00: Pirates approach! Fight, soapy poles and fun. Place: Yacht club.

12:45: Duck throwing. Rubber ducks to be caught. Place: Yacht club.

22:00: Ball de Bot with the group Puig de Bonany. Place: Plaça de l'Església.

24:00: End of fiesta fire display.

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Friday, July 20, 2012


Tuesday, 24 July:
22:00: Palma Municipal Band "Orfeo Mayurca". Price: 5 euros. Sant Domingo cloister.

Thursday, 26 July:
14:00: Firing of rockets and ringing of bells. Followed by street procession with the Soldà bugle band. Plaça de Monti-sion.

20:00: Judo exhibition. Plaça Major.

20.30: Street procession with the band of drums and bugles.

21:00: Start of exhibition by new local artists. Clob Pollença.

22:00: Oration for the fiestas and concert by the Pollensa band of music and then procession. Sant Domingo cloister.

Friday, 27 July:
10:00-19:00: Table games. Children's park in the C. Cecili Metel.

11:00: Choreographed show and musical "The Cats". Plaça Major.

18:45: Synchronised swimming display. Pollensa swimming-pool.

20:00: Semi finals and final for 3x3 basketball. Pollensa sports centre.

20:30: Opening of the exhibition "50 years of work on the Puig (hill)". Club Pollença.

22:00: Evening in honour of Miquel Costa i Llobera. Price: 1 euro. Sant Domingo cloister.

22:00: Ballroom dancing with Trio Brumas. Plaça Major.

23:45: Apron party (apron party!?). Toni Llobera (Deejaysgrup) and Balater. Ca la Gran Cristiana.

Saturday, 28 July:
18:30: Marxa Fresca (white party) for kids - five to fourteen. Plaça Vella.

18:30: Giants stand up. Via Pollentia.

19:00: Procession by the giants ending in Plaça de ca les Monnares.

19:30: Benefit party with supper, music and market. Joan March gardens.

20:00: Madrid, Barcelona and Betis football fan clubs tournament. Football stadium.

21:00: Trial bikes plus a Pollensa music group featuring the voice of Marian Oliver. C. de la Reina Maria Cristina.

21:30: Farmers' dance with the groups Sa Revettla de Sant Antoni and Racó de Tramuntana. Plaça Major.

22:00: Benefit concert by Cap Pela "Moon River". Price: 10 euros. Sant Domingo cloister.

Sunday, 29 July:
18:00-19:00/19:00-20:00: Benefit pedalada against cancer. Led by Rebeca Jiménez and Arturo Redondo. Plaça Major.

19:00: Documentary film about Sor Maria Rafela. Convent SSCC, C. de Mallorca.

20:00-21:00: Kangoo Jumps and Zumba, Led by Ángel Díaz and Alina Mocanu. Price 7 euros including t-shirt, drink and snack. Benefit for the national cancer association (Balearics division). Plaça Major.

22:00: Theatre with the group Terra Nostra. Price 5 euros. Sant Domingo cloister.

22:00-02:00: Party with Pollensa DJs. Plaça de ca les Monnares.

Monday, 30 July:
20:00: Football tournament. Football stadium.

21:00: Pollensa celebration presented by Neus Albis and Felip Munar (music, monologues etc.) Sant Domingo cloister.

21:30: Farmers' dance with Pollensa school of dance. Plaça Major.

Tuesday, 31 July:
18:00: Bouncy castle for kids to age five. Plaça Major.

19:00: Ice-cream for the kids. Plaça Vella.

22:00: Concert by Marti Saez and group. Sant Domingo cloister. Price 3 euros.

23:30-05:00: Marxa Fresca with DJs Tomeu Perelló, C&C Music Factory and Tomàs Mir. Plaça Major.

Wednesday, 1 August:
20:00: Procession with the Pollensa drums and bugles band and the Pollensa band of music.

21:00: Party for senior citizens. Sant Domingo cloister.

23:00: Party with the group Donde Estabas Tú. Plaça Major.

Thursday, 2 August:
05:00: Traditional Alborada throughout Pollensa and in the square in Puerto Pollensa.

11:00: Mass and dance by cossiers. By the parish church.

12:15. Cossiers dance. Plaça Major.

12:45: Prize giving at the Monti-sion church with performance by the Pollensa music band.

13:00: Refreshments for all. Town hall.

17:00: Procession with the drums and bugles of Soldà.

17:30: Procession with the image of La Patrona.


21:30. Thanksgiving. Song of joy by Costa i Llobera. Interpretation of the Alborada and "Visca Pollença" by the Pollensa music band. Fireworks (though not a full fireworks display). Plaça Major.

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Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Sunday, 15 July:
21:00: Oration for the fiestas by the local artist Ramon Company Forteza, followed by a concert by the Alcúdia choir. Place: Sant Jaume church.

Monday, 16 July:
17:00-19:00 or 19:00-21:00 (and then also on 17,18, 19 July at the same times): "How did the ancient Romans dress?" Try your hand at Roman tunic design at the Botiga-Taller d'Antònia Marquès in the Calle Hostal (number 4) off the market square. Price 35 euros including materials. Applications at this address or at Alcúdia's auditorium.

Tuesday, 17 July:
18:30: Children's party. Bouncy castles, foam party etc. Plus the group Mallorca Festa. In the market square.

20:00: Presentation of the book "L'home Provisional" by Lluís Maicas, followed by a concert by the chamber trio Haagse Trio (Fernando Santiago, cello, Aïda Borràs, flute, Nadia Frissen, violin). Can Torro library terrace.

22:30: Open-air theatre. The troupe Calabruix presents "Més a lloure que tancats". Free at the bullring.

Wednesday, 18 July:
21:00: Supper for Alcúdia's senior citizens. Dance and music with the group Flamers. Market square.

Thursday, 19 July:
19:00: Guided tour of the Pollentia Roman town.

21:00: Via Fora, the regular dramatisation of events in Alcúdia's history that takes place around the town's walls and starts from the Porta des Moll (the Port Gate in the market square).

Friday, 20 July:
19:00: Opening of the exhibition "Fràgil" by painter Jaume Sansó. The library. And opening of a sculpture exhibition, "Arrels de Mallorca" by Rafel Cifre. On the library's terrace.

20:00: Opening of an exhibition in honour of the Alcúdia artist Isabel Martorell who died this year. Can Fondo exhibition hall.

20:00: Start of the evening 3x3 basketball tournaments. Municipal sports centre.

22:00: Concert by La Musicalité, supported by Silencio Aparte and Rompiendo Cuerdas. Bullring. Free. (Note: the planned concert by La Oreja de Van Gogh has been cancelled.)

Saturday, 21 July:
16:00: Pigeon shooting. Cap Gros.

16:00: Start of the annual chess tournament. Applications up to 20 July via telephone, 971 545 289, between 21:00 and 23:00. Five euros entrance; free to local players. Place: Fundació Torrens.

18:30: Gymnastics display. Municipal sports centre.

The Second "We Are The City Of Pollentia" celebration:
10:00: Roman games. For children between the ages of six and ten. Applications to the Can Torró library from 16 to 20 July, tel: 971 547 311.

18:00-21:00: Disco with DJ Sergio for children to the age of 16. Passeig Pere Ventayol.

19:00: Roman hairstyling. Market square.

21:30: Julius Caesar's wedding. With the Circ Bover. Place: Pont de la Vila Roja, the red gate near the bullring.

23:30: Festa Capitolina in honour of the gods Jupiter, Juno and Minerva at the Campet de les Ànimes, Pollentia. DJs Two Many Cifres, Kike Space.

Sunday, 22 July:
10:00: Express triathlon. 100 metres swim, 10 minutes cycling on a cycling machine, one kilometre run. Place: Public swimming-pool. Entrance 3 euros - benefit to the Prodis organisation for the disabled.

18:30: Bullfight. Matadors Jesulín de Ubrique, Finito de Córdoba, Rubén del Pinar. Sales points, in addition to on the day at the bullring, Fonda Llabrés, Bar Ses Muralles and the Bar Plaça de Toros.

22:00: Folk dance and music with the Sarau Alcudienc school of ball de bot, the Sarau Alcudienc group and Lus Yerbatus from Asturias. Market square.

Monday, 23 July:
20:00: Presentation of artistic catalogue at the Sant Jaume church museum. Accompaniment by cello and violin duo. Place: Sant Crist chapel.

22:00: "Respon a 1000". Quiz on local culture and general knowledge. Market square.

Tuesday, 24 July:
23:00: Party with the groups Torrofort, Orquestra Zarza (with ballroom and line dancing) and Horris Kamoi. Market square.

Wednesday, 25 July (Sant Jaume):
11:30: Procession with the Alcúdia band of music.

12:00: Celebration of Sant Jaume. At the Sant Jaume church.

13:15: Traditional refreshments at the town hall.

22:30: Concert by the Alcúdia band of music. Plaça de la Constitució.

24:00: Grand fireworks display. Market square

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Tuesday, July 10, 2012


(This is not a full listing of events, as there are also sports events etc. But these are the main events.)

Saturday, 14 July:
20:00: Concert by Rodrigo Rodríguez. Argentinian composer and multi-instrumentalist, featuring the playing of the shakuhachi, a Japanese flute. New Age, world and contemporary music. At Sa Congregació, entrance 10 euros.

Sunday, 15 July:
21:30: Popular dance. Plaça Major.

Monday, 16 July:
18:00: Children's party. Plaça Major.

22:00: Spinning marathon. Plaça Major.

Tuesday, 17 July:
19:00: Exhibition of taekwondo and hapkido. Plaça Major.

20:30: Fifth annual evening race. Plaça Major.

Wednesday, 18 July:
19:00: Oration for the fiestas. In front of the town hall.

20:30: Opening of exhibition of memorabilia (seems to be musical, e.g. The Beatles). Bar Casa Miss.

Thursday, 19 July:
22:00: Grand Santa Margalida party. Fenomenos Band, Rompiendo Cuerdas, DJs Ximet and Peso. Plaça Major.

Friday, 20 July (Santa Margalida):
11:00: Solemn mass at the Crestatx oratory.

18:30: Procession with pipers Els Xirois.

19:00: Traditional jewel races. Plaça Major.

20:30: Concert by Riangost. Maria Antònia Gost (vocals) and Toni Rian (piano). At Sa Congregació, entrance five euros.

Saturday, 21 July:
20:00: Hippy and happy market. Francesc Cladera Vidal alley.

21:30: Summer choral concert by the Sa Pobla choir. Graduate school.

23:00: Grand party for Sant Jaume. Duo Acuarius, Ses Bubotes, DJ Toni Estévez. Plaça Major.

Sunday, 22 July:
20:30: Festival of bands of music from Sa Pobla, Montuïri and l'Almudaina. Plaça Major.

Monday, 23 July:
20:30: Benefit walk. Plaça Major.

22:00: Poetry at Crestatx oratory.

Tuesday, 24 July:

21:00: Honouring the one-hundredth anniversary of the arrival of electricity in Sa Pobla.

21:15: Tortilla competition. Music by Blanca'n Punt. Plaça Major.

Wednesday, 25 July:
21:00: Popular dance. Plaça Major.

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Entrance to the concerts in the Plaça Major will cost three euros.

Tuesday, 7 August, 22.30, Plaça Major:
Dani Wilde, guitar and vocals. Stuart Dixon, guitar. Will Wilde, harmonica and vocals. Victoria Smith bass. Richard Newman drums. Blues with folk and world music influences.

Friday, 10 August, 22.30, Sala Rex (15 euros with supper):
Krissy Matthews Band. Krissy Matthews guitar and vocals. Keith Matthews bass and vocals. Chris Shirley drums. 20-year-old guitar sensation. (Advance booking - English and German service - 639 432 550.)

Tuesday, 14 August, 22.30, Plaça Major:
Fèlix Rossy Septet. Fèlix Rossy, trumpet. Toni Vaquer, piano. Santi Colomer, drums. Ernesto Aurignac, alto sax. DJ Foster, double bass. Jaume Llompart, guitar. Enrique Oliver, tenor sax. Mallorcan jazz.

Thursday, 16 August, 22.30, Plaça Major:
Satoko Fujii Ensemble. Satoko Fujii, piano. Natsuki Tamura, trumpet. Lilli Santon, vocals. Toni Miranda, guitar. Jimmy Weinstein, drums. Avant-garde jazz.

Tuesday, 21 August, 22.30, Plaça Major:
Noah Preminger & Ben Monder Quartet. Noah Preminger, tenor sax. Ben Monder, guitar. Masa Kamaguchi, double bass. Colin Stranahan, drums. A rising star of the jazz world, Preminger's 2008 album was named as debut album of the year. Monder is to the fore in progressive jazz.

Tuesday, 7 August to Saturday, 11 August. Jimmy Weinstein's travelling school international jazz seminary.
Saturday, 11 August, 22.00, Plaça Major: Final concert of the travelling school.

7, 11. 14, 16, 21 August, 22.00, Sala Es Cavallets: Exhibition of photos of jazz in Mallorca.

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Friday, July 06, 2012


Thursday, 12 July:
17:00: Drawing workshop for children between the ages of 5 and 11.

20:30: Opening of the exhibition "The school of a time" (though it could also be of "a weather", I suppose). Whatever, an exhibition in the church hall.

21:00: Oration for the fiestas, on the history of education in Puerto Pollensa by Joan Aguilar Suau. The church.

21:45. Concert by the Corda Amarada.

Friday, 13 July:
18:00: Water attractions and kids' party - disco and foam. On the terrace of the centre by the square.

21:30: Procession with the Banda de Gaites de Noreña plus the Xeremiers Orats pipers and Aires de la Cala singers.

22:15: Traditional music by those mentioned above plus the Irish group Talamh. In the square.

Saturday, 14 July:
11:00: Children's games for those of all ages!! The square.

18:00: Bouncy and ice-creams,. Only for children. The square.

20:30: Conference on the history of Puerto Pollensa's seaplane base. Neighbourhood association's centre.

23:00: The sailors' party. To five in the morning with DJs C&C and Music Factory. You have to go dressed as a sailor apparently. The square.

Sunday, 15 July:

18:30: Solemn mass followed by the procession and then flotilla with the images of Sant Pere (Saint Peter) and the Mare de Déu del Carme.

23:00: Pyrotechnic performance with the demons Colla de Dimonis Ca de Bou and drummers Ca de Bou. From the square along the front to La Gola.

24:00: Fireworks. At La Gola beach.

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