Friday, November 28, 2008

Little Britain British Supermarket Alcúdia - Christmas Specials

little britain - british supermarket
open 7 days mon to sat 10am to 6.30pm. Sun 10am to 3pm
calle hosteleria 4. port of alcudia. 971 89 79 45. 1 min from port car park

one stop xmas shop
frozen turkeys, turkey breasts, gammon joints, gourmet stuffing, honey parsnips, roast potatoes, sprouts with chestnuts, streaky bacon, cranberry sauce, bread sauce mix, party sausage rolls, buffet pork pies, sausage meat, pickled onions, chutneys and pickles

one stop xmas shop
kipling mince pies, mincemeat, xmas puddings, xmas cake slices, yule logs, brandy sauce, brandy butter, frozen pastry, fruit cakes, cadbury chocolate roulade, baileys cheesecake, gaelic coffee ice cream, xmas pudding ice cream

one stop xmas shop
cadbury selection boxes, quality street, roses, matchmakers, terrys choc orange, thornton selection, turkish delight, xmas cards, xmas crackers, gift paper, bags & tags, 2009 calendars

one stop xmas shop
double cream, clotted cream, stilton, mature cheddar, wensleydale, caerphilly, double gloucester, red leicester, cooking lard, houmous, taramosalata

one stop xmas shop
Scottish smoked salmon, goose fat, pheasant pâté, lobster bisque, chestnut purée, smoked oysters, dressed crab, dressed lobster,

our winter warmers
crumpets, english muffins, scones, tea cakes, eccles cakes, soreen malt loaf, bagels, naan bread, yorkshire puds, pork pies, sausages, bacon, haggis, black pudding, thai fish cakes, kippers, haddock, mackerel, quorn, linda mccartney, oven chips, apple crumble

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Thursday, November 20, 2008


This is an abbreviated list of things happening at the fair, which have more interest for a non-Mallorcan audience. The main events take place over the weekend of 29-30 November when there will be various "sub-fairs" showing cars, agricultural machinery, ecological produce and potatoes, as the potato is the theme of the fair. Most events centre on the market square and the Plaça Major (which are not the same thing in Sa Pobla).

Saturday, 22 November:
12:00: Opening of the "mediaeval market".

17:00: Meeting of the "giants" accompanied by the Banda d'es Migjorn Gran (which I guess translates as the great south-wind band) and featuring a "dance" in the market square before arriving at the Plaça Major.

21:30: A concert by pipe-players ("xeremiers"). Place: the town church.

24:00: Concert with groups "Petit" and "The Unfinished Sympathy". Place: Plaça Major.

Sunday, 23 November:
09:00: Gathering of pipe-players. Place: Plaça Major.

10:00: Market of second-hand instruments. Place: Plaça Major. Followed by a procession with the pipe-players.

18:00: Performance by a group for children's entertainment. Place: Plaça Major.

20:00: Concert "d'Upupa Epops" (no idea what this is). Place: Congregation. Entrance: 2 euros.

Friday, 28 November:
21:00: Wine-tasting. Place: Sala Rex.

Saturday, 29 November:
17:00: Inauguration of the fair with the presentation of the mascot to celebrate the international year of the potato. Place: Plaça Major.

19:30: Culinary sampling of dishes made with potatoes - also fritters and wines. Place: the Graduate school. Entrance: 2 euros.

20:00: Popular dance. Place: Plaça Major.

Sunday, 30 November:
10:00: Carriage competition and exhibition of horses. Place: in Carrer dels Traginers in front of Can Cirera Prim.

19:30: Concert by the Municipal Music Band and the Sa Pobla Choir. Place: town church.

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Sunday, November 16, 2008


Wednesday, 19 November:

Well, this is a bit of a treat. Damià Timoner is a Mallorcan guitarist of quite some renown who mixes different styles - from classical to rock and folk.

See his website ( and his myspace for some selections -

Place: Convent de Sant Domingo, Pollensa. Time: 21:00. Free.

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Thursday, November 06, 2008


This is the season for fairs around the island. This coming weekend, in addition to the Pollensa fair, also sees the fair in Muro and next week is the most important of all the fairs - "Dijous Bo" in Inca.

For days out:

Sunday, 9 November: Fira de Tardor (Autumn Fair), Muro

Thursday, 13 November: Dijous Bo, Inca

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Tuesday, November 04, 2008


This is, more or less, a full listing of stuff. One or two things are open to interpretation of translation (from Catalan), which are noted. Some events have been excluded as they are really of marginal interest at best to a non-local audience. Note that there are also sports events cracking off over the weekend. The information provided says little about the actual fair in the sense of stands etc. There has typically been a thing with animals on the Sunday, for instance, but the programme doesn't list it. There will be all sorts of crafts and other stuff to look at and the hours of the fair are listed below:

Friday, 7 November:

(The fair runs from 17:00 to 22:30.)

17:00: Opening of the 25th fair. Place: Cloister of San Domingo.

20:00: Exhibition of Mallorcan and Andalusian painting. Place: Centre Andalús.

21:30: Concert by the Pollensa music band. Place: Monti-sion church.

Saturday, 8 November:

(The fair runs from 10:00 to 14:00 and then 16:00 to 22:00.)

(There will be a fruit and veg market in the Plaça Major both Saturday and Sunday)

09:30: The eighth mountain race "Muntanya del Tomir". Starts from the foot of Son Grua and arrives in the Plaça Seglars at 11:30.

11:00 / 14:00 / 16:00 / 20:00: Children's bouncy castles. Place: Plaça de Ca les Monnares.

16:00: Battle of the notes (or conceivably also of the "cocks"), but it seems to be some sort of rap contest. Place: Sports centre.

16:30: Procession with the drum and bugle band.

17:00: Chocolate and more chocolate for kids. Place: Plaça de Ca les Monnares.

19:00: Exhibition in honour of Miquel Llabrés. Place: Pollensa museum.

20:00: Performance by the group "U Musics Joglars" (trumpet, trombone, whistle, tambourine, percussion and pipes). Place: Monti-sion church.

Sunday, 9 November:

(The fair runs from 10:00 to 22:00; there may be the same break as Saturday but it doesn't state this as such.)

10:00: Arrival of the local big-wigs. Place: Plaça del Monument.

10:00: Entertainment for children with a climate theme from the government's environment ministry and therefore at their stand.

10:00: Demonstration of the bow hunting of wild goats and a gastronomic sampling (of the goat presumably). Place: Can Conill.

10:00: Skate competition. Place: Carrer Marqués Desbrull.

10:30: Exhibition by the Pollensa school of trial, which presumably means trial biking. Place: Carrer Cecili Metel.

11:00: Procession.

11:30: Educative "spectacular" about glass recycling. Place: the Mallorca council's environment stand in the Via Pollentia.

12:00: Catwalk Valnou - well that's what it says; could be models showing off stuff from the Valnou shop, or it could mean something completely different, especially as - Place: Jardins Joan March.

16:00: Yet another procession.

17:00: Popular dance. Place: Carrer Marqués Desbrull.

Monday, 10 November
(No special events, or there appear not to be, so just the fair, stands and exhibitions.)

(The fair runs from 10:00 to 14:00 and then 16:00 to 22:00.)

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Saturday, November 01, 2008


Wednesday, 5 November: Concert by brass quintet "5 de Braç" plus a performance by the Mallorcan guitarist Damià Timoner. Place: Puerto Pollensa church, Plaça Miquel Capllonch (market square). Time: 21:00. Free.

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