Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Friday, 13 January:
21:00: Bonfire of the Penya Mallorquinista. Bar Nou d'Alcúdia.

Saturday, 14 January:
20:00: "Acorar", theatre production that reflects the identity of Mallorcan people. Alcúdia Auditorium, 12 euros (10 in advance).

21:00: Bonfire of the Penya Gregal Atlètic. Café Gregal, Puerto Alcúdia.

Sunday, 15 January:
19:00: "Acorar", theatre production that reflects the identity of Mallorcan people. Alcúdia Auditorium, 12 euros (10 in advance).

Monday, 16 January:
11:00: Bonfires of CEIP Norai and CEIP Albufera.

11:30: Bonfire of CEIP Hort dels Fassers.

16:00: Departure of Sant Antoni and demons from the town hall, accompanied by pipers on a procession through the streets of Alcúdia.

20:00: Night of ximbomba and bonfires. Plaça de la Constitució, Alcúdia. For one euro, dishes of botifarron, salami and bread. Also bonfire of the Sarau Alcudienc folk dance group plus ball de bot, pipers and glosadors. Placeta de les Verdures.

Tuesday, 17 January:
12:00: Bonfire of the Institute, Puerto Alcúdia.

16:30: Traditional blessing of animals by Sant Jaume church.

Thursday, 19 January:
19:00: Sant Sebastià party. Bonfire of the Alcúdia School of Music at the Plaçá Porta de Mallorca.

Friday, 20 January:
19:00: Bonfire of CEIP Porta del Moll.

20:00: Bonfire of the Pensioners Association. Placeta de les Verdures. Bonfire of the Penya Madridista. Bar Stossi, Alcúdia.

Saturday, 21 January:
19:00: Bonfire of the Pensioners Association of Puerto Alcúdia.

21:00: Concert "Íntim" by Tomeu Penya. Alcúdia Auditorium, 15 euros.

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Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Friday, 13 January:
21:30: Concert Josh Rouse + The Long Vacations. Municipal Theatre, 12 euros.

Saturday, 14 January:
20:30: Eighth anniversary of the Muro Es Reguinyol pipers. Popular dance. Plaça dels Abeuradors.

Sunday, 15 January:
19:00: Show by Juan Muñoz. Municipal Theatre, 15 euros.

Monday, 16 January:
17:30 - 19:30: Competition of bonfires. Judges consider the different bonfires for their creativity and originality. Accompanied by the Es Reguinyol pipers.

19:30: The demons of Sant Antoni leave the Convent cloister accompanied by the Unió Artística Murera music band and head to the Plaça Comte d'Empúries.

20:00: The demons dance in front of the town hall.

20:30: Lighting of bonfires and fire run by the demons de Sa Pedrera.

22:00: Sant Antoni party. Three squares:
3a Edat (easy listening style) - Pep Toni, D'Arco Iris, Romantics
dels Abeuradors (traditional) - Escola de Ximbomba, Revetla d'Algebelí, Germans Martorell
Sant Martí (youth) - Sunsex, Anònims, Donde Estabas Tu, DJ Maria Patatilla

Tuesday, 17 January:
10:00: Rockets and then procession with pipers.

12:00: Solemn mass and songs by the Miquel Tortell choir. Parish church Sant Joan.

15:00: Gathering and then blessing of animals.

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Monday, January 09, 2012


Saturday, 14 January:
23:00: Pyrotechnic spectacular with demons in the Plaça Vella, Plaça Seglars and C. Antoni Maura.

Monday, 16 January:
18:00: Bonfire competition. The jury starts visiting bonfires to decide the winner. Accompaniment by pipers.

21:00: Lighting of the bonfires.

Tuesday, 17 January:
11:30: Departure from the Plaça Almoina to the Ternelles finca, with piper accompaniment, to collect the pine. 14:00: the pine is brought to the town.

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Thursday, January 05, 2012


Saturday, 14 January:
12:00: Procession of caparrots (big heads) for children, accompanied by pipers. From the Can Planes museum to the town hall.

20:00: Traditional choir concert. Parish church.

22:30: "Glosat" competition. (Story-tellers, vaguely in song). Plaça Major.

24:00: Fire run by demons. Plaça Major.

Sunday, 15 January:
17:30: Popular dance with performance by the groups Marjal en Festa and Ballugall. Plaça Major.

Monday, 16 January:
14:30: Departure of Sant Antoni demons and procession through the streets of the town.

19:45: Departure of various groups of demons along with giants and big heads and the Sa Pobla music band from the town hall.

21:15: Traditional demons' dances together with the giants and big heads. Plaça Major.

21:30: Pyromusical spectacular. Plaça Major.

22:15: Gathering of singers and ximbomba players. Plaça Major.

00:30: Grand ximbomba and glosada (story-tellers) event. Plaça Major.

Tuesday, 17 January:
10:00: Street procession with pipers.

11:30: Solemn mass.

12:30: Dance of the big heads. Plaça Major.

15:30: Traditional blessing of the animals, plus giants and pipers. Church square.

16:00: Parade of floats and costumes.

17:00: Popular dance with performance by the group Ballada Poblera.

(During the Sant Antoni fiestas - from 7 January to 17 January - local bars and restaurants will be serving special dishes based on eels.)

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