Wednesday, January 20, 2010


In response to a query, info for the fire-run and fire spectacular comes from Palma town hall, so I take it to be correct, i.e. that it takes place on Saturday, 23 January, as previously posted.

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Saturday, January 16, 2010


Saturday, 16 January:
Numerous bonfires tonight. Brit bars in Puerto Alcúdia and Puerto Pollensa setting fire and providing barbecues - Gavins At The Port from 18:00 and JKs from 19:30.

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Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Saturday, 23 January:
20:00: Concert by Mallorcan pianist and singer Victòria Quingles who combines a classical background with interpretations of pop and rock. Place: Convent Sant Domingo. Free.

Information and to listen:

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Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Friday, 15 January:
Different bonfires -
11:30: Fogueró del CEIP - Albufera; 19:30: Fogueró del CEIP - Porta del Moll; 20:30: Fogueró de la Penya Blaugrana - Bar de Passada d'Alcúdia; 21:00: Fogueró de la Penya Mallorquinista - Bar Nou d'Alcúdia.

Saturday, 16 January:
16:00: Departure of demons from the town hall, accompanied by pipers on procession through the streets of the old town.

20:00: Night of ximbombas and bonfires. Plaça de la Constitució. Espinagades (eel dishes) and salads. One euro per plate that includes also salami, sausage and bread.

20:00: Fogueró de la Penya Madridista. Bar Stossi d'Alcúdia.

20:30: Fogueró del Grup Sarau Alcudienc (ball de bot dance) plus ximbombas and glosadors (improvised folk song). Plaça de les Verdures.

Sunday, 17 January:
16:30: Traditional blessing of animals. Front of the church, accompaniment by pipers.

Monday, 18 January:
21:00: Fogueró de la Penya Gregal Atlètic. C. Mariners in Puerto Alcúdia.

Tuesday, 19 January:
15:00. Fogueró del Col-legi. Plaça Jafudà Cresques.

20:00: Fogueró de l'Associació de la Tercera Edat. Plaça de les Verdures.

Friday, 22 January:
16:00 Fogueró del CEIP Norai.

20:00: Fogueró de l'Associació de la Segona Edat. Plaça de les Verdures.

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Muro town is also an important venue for Sant Antoni celebrations. Here are the main events from the 2010 programme.

Thursday, 14 January:
18:00: workshop on the sound of "ximbombas", the traditional Mallorcan instrument. Place: Senior citizens club.

Friday, 15 January:
18:30: Competition and demonstration of the use of worms in fishing for eels. Place: front of the town hall.

Saturday, 16 January:
19:30: Departure of demons from the cloister convent, accompanied by the band Unió Artística Murera.

20:00: Dance of the demons in front of the town hall with accompaniment by the band and pipers.

20:30: Lighting of bonfires and fire-run by the demons.

21:00: Free - bread, salami, sausage and wine.

Party with performances by Piscis and Romàntics. Place: Plaça de la 3a Edat.

Performance by the Escola de Ximbomba with glosadors and singers. Place: Plaça dels Abeuradors.

Popular dance and music with Revetla d'Algebelí, Caliu and Xaloc. Place: in front of the town hall.

23:30: Party for younger people - Escuela de Calor, Horris Kamoi and DJ Maria Patatilla. Place: Plaça de Sant Martí.

Sunday, 17 January:
10:00: Firing of rockets and procession with pipers.

12:00: Solemn mass at the parish church.

14:45: Gathering of animals for traditional blessing that takes place at 15:30.

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Saturday, January 09, 2010


Sunday, 10 January:
19:00: In honour of Miquel Capllonch, Spanish concert pianist David Gómez plays a special concert at the Convent of Sant Domingo. Entrance is free.

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Friday, January 08, 2010

SANT SEBASTIA (Sant Antoni) 2010 - PALMA

Not a usual thing for inclusion on the Wotzupnorth What's On Blog, but as many people enjoy a trip to Palma's Sant Sebastià seemed an idea to include the programme.

Note that there are all sorts of things going on in Palma over the days of the festivities. Far too many to list here, but there are numerous exhibitions etc. Below are the main events. All acts on the evening of 19 January are included below. Please note that the fire-run and fire spectacular will take place on Saturday, 23 January, and that suitable precautions should be taken.

Saturday, 16 January:
19:00: Departure of the parade in honour of the festivities. From Plaça Espanya to the Plaça de Cort. Features giants, pipers, folk dancers, demons, you name it.

20:30: Prayers for the festivities followed from 21:00 by performances by Mallorca Soul Machine and Ximbomba Atòmica. Plaça de Cort.

Sunday, 17 January (Sant Antoni):
10:00: Pipers parade from Sant Antoniet to the Cathedral.

10:30: Gathering of animals for blessing in front of the Cathedral.

11:00: Mass at the church of Sant Miquel.

11:30: Departure of the parade from the Cathedral and blessings at the gates of the church.

Tuesday, 19 January:
Grand party for Sant Sebastià

Plaça Major: from 19:30 Castellers de Mallorca (human towers), lighting of bonfire and giants dance and from 20:30 performances by Caliu, Música Nostra, Anegats, Luz Casal.

Plaça Cort: from 21:00 performances by Funkadictos, Cranc Pelut, Pirates Pirats, Tomeu Penya, Fundación Tony Manero.

Plaça Santa Eulàlia: from 21:00 jazz performances - Sintonia Fina, Freak Control, My Friend Markco, Bilonda.

Plaça Rei Joan Carles 1: from 21:30 - Full Play, Miquel Mariano, Los Delinqüentes, L.A.

Plaça de la Reina: from 21:30 - L'Equilibriste, The Meeting Point, Cornelius, Jarabe de Palo.

Plaça Mercat: from 21:00 - Trilogía del Conocimiento, Jawards Players, Havoc & Big Noyd, Talegueros, Green Point.

Plaça Espanya: from 21:00 - pop with fifteen different acts.

Plaça Sant Francesc: from 21:00 - Barrumbada, Los Primos, Gertrudis, Canteca de Macao.

Plaça de l'Artesania: 15:00 - grand paella; 17:00 - juggling and games; 18:00 circus cabaret; 21:00 - concerts by Gamalataki, Daniel Higiénico, Desintegrados.

Plaça Patins: from 21:00 - Eixut, Whisky Facile, Orxata Sound System, DJ Merey.

Wednesday, 20 January:
10:30: Solemn mass for Sant Sebastiá. The Cathedral.

Thursday, 21 January to Sunday, 24 January: Spectacular of projections onto the Cort building, Plaça de Cort. At 19:30, 20.15, 21:00 and 21:30.

Friday, 22 January:
21:30: Concert by Fito&Fitipaldis and La Cabra Mecánica. At Son Fusteret, Polígon Son Castelló.

Saturday, 23 January:
20:00: Start of fire-run. Plaça de la Feixina. 20:20: Waking of the "beasts". Parc de la Mar. 21:00: Fire spectaculars and pyromusical. Lake of the Parc de la Mar.

22:00: Performances by Alma Sonora and Seguridad Social. Plaça Espanya.

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Thursday, January 07, 2010


Saturday, 9 January:
12:00: Gathering of demons and beasts of fire. Front of the town hall.

15:30: Sant Antoni treasure hunt for children.

20:00: Concert by the Sa Pobla choir. Parish church.

20:30: Sale of t-shirts for Sant Antoni. Plaça Major.

23:00: Demons and beasts of fire and fire-run from the town hall to the Plaça Major.

24:00: Bonfire in front of the town hall.

Sunday, 10 January:
17:00: Youth competition - ximbomba and glosats (these are, respectively, traditional Mallorcan instrument and improvised, unaccompanied folk song). At Sa Congregació.

18:15: Popular dance. Plaça Major.

Wednesday, 13 January:
17:00: Workshop - caparrots. These are the giant heads that are typical of many fiestas. Can Planes museum.

20:15: Artists' exhibition. Bar Casa Miss.

Thursday, 14 January:
18:00: Departure of procession of youth caparrots, accompanied by bag-pipers. From the Can Planes museum.

20:15: Sa Pobla glosdaors (improvised folk singers). Sa Congregació.

Friday, 15 January:
10:00: Departure of the youth of the town from in front of the Casa de la Vila to go and look for wood to make bonfires, accompanied by bugle band.

Saturday, 16 January (Sant Antoni Abat - Eve):
15:00: Departure of demons and procession around the town.

18:45: Ceremony to start the celebration of Sant Antoni. In front of the town hall.

19:30: Arrival of dignitaries. Casa Consistorial.

19:45: Departure of demons, giants, caparrots, accompanied by the Sa Pobla music band. Goes from in front of the town hall.

20:00: Solemn prayers.

21:15: Traditional dances of the demons, together with caparrots, accompanied by the music band.

21:30: Pyromusical spectacular. Plaça Major.

22:15: Gathering of singers, ximbomba players from the Plaça Major to the Plaça Mercat where the caparrots dance and the demons close the day's activities with their fire spectacular.

Sunday, 17 January:
10:00: Procession with pipers.

11:30: Solemn mass.

12:30: Refreshments at Casa Consistorial and then dance by caparrots in the Plaça Major.

15:30: Traditional blessing with pipers and giants. Placeta de l'Esglesia.

16:30: Parade of carriages and floats, accompanied by the bugle band and with the participation of demons. From Confraria de Sant Antoni.

17:00: Popular dance. Plaça Major.

18:00: Prizes for floats. Front of Casa Consistorial.

18:30: Draw for aspiring caparrots for 2011. Town hall.

Note that during the Sa Pobla festivities there is also a special gastronomy event devoted to eels, with several restaurants participating.

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Note that this information applies to Pollensa town. There are separate celebrations in Puerto Pollensa as well, but no specific programme is available for these.

Saturday, 16 January:
17:30: Opening of Sant Antoni photography exhibition. Runs till 23 January at Club Pollença.

18:00: Bonfire competition. Visit by judges accompanied by bag-pipers.

21:00: Lighting of bonfires.

23:45: Handing out of prizes for bonfires. Plaça Major.

24:00: Pyrotechnic spectacular with the demons of Pollensa. Plaça Major.

Sunday, 17 January:
10:00: Traditional blessing of animals for Sant Antoni.

11:30: Departure for the finca of Ternelles to get the pine tree, with accompaniment by bag-pipers.

12:30: Lunch of pa amb oil, sardines and wine at Ternelles.

14:00: Return from Ternelles with the "Pi de Ternelles", arriving in the Plaça Vella, and finally the climbing of the tree.

20:00: Mass.

Wednesday, 20 January:
19:30: Procession with the image of Sant Sebastià and the "cavallets" (like sort of rocking horses without the rocking) and banners of Sant Sebastià. Followed by eucharist and dance.

Sunday, 23 January:
18:00: Farmworkers' dance. At the convent of San Domingo with performance by the school of dance.

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