Friday, July 29, 2011


Saturday, 6 August:
09:30: Open swimming competition. From the old pier.

16:00: Cycle race. From the municipal buildings.

19:00: Evening ecology fair. Authentic and ecological produce. Plaça Cervantes.

22:00: The Auba night party. Flaix FM party plus Supermarket and other DJs. Sports arena.

Sunday, 7 August:
09:30: Triathlon sprint. From Plaça Cervantes.

18:00: Exhibition of radio-control vehicles. Sports arena.

20:00: The meeting of batucadas. Different Afro-Brazilian drum and samba parade groups from Muro, Ariany, Maria de la Salut, Petra and Santa Margalida.

20:30: Prayer and oration for the fiestas. Municipal buildings.

23:00: Fire run with demons. From the marina to Plaça Cervantes.

Monday, 8 August:
18:00: The soapy pole event. Old pier.

19:00: Karate demonstration. Plaça Cervantes.

19:30: Football tournament. Football stadium.

19:45: Rhythmic gymnastics demonstration. Plaça Cervantes.

21:00: Watermelon eating contest. Plaça Cervantes.

Tuesday, 9 August:
19:00: Opening of photos by the artist Bernat Ribot. Library (and open till 23 August).

22:00: Open-air dinner. Bring your own food and the town hall provides the drink. Booking needed, up to 8 August at the municipal buildings. The dinner includes performances by Pas de Quatre (traditional Valencian music) and pipers. Plaça Cervantes.

Wednesday, 10 August:
10:00: T-shirt painting for kids. Voramar school.

18:00: Sandcastle competition. Main beach.

18:00: Mini tennis tournament. Sports centre.

19:00: Opening of adult classes' painting exhibition. Civic centre.

19:30: Opening of exhibition of crafts of older people. Civic centre.

19:30: TRX fitness demonstration. Plaça Cervantes.

19:30: Football. Children's tournament. Football stadium.

20:00: Market as a benefit for "Infants del Món". Plaça Cervantes.

20:30: Children's party. Plaça Cervantes.

22:00: Evening treasure hunt. From the Plaça Cervantes.

Thursday, 11 August:
18:00: Semi finals of social tennis tournament. Sports centre.

19:00: Children and adult fashion parade. Plaça Cervantes.

19:30: Football tournament. Football stadium.

20:30: Exhibition of street dance with Little Beat (Balearics champions) and Sausage Velvet. Plaça Cervantes.

22:00: Disco and foam party. Plaça Cervantes.

Friday, 12 August:
18:00: Finals of social tennis tournament. Sports centre.

19:30: Traditional games. Plaça Cervantes.

20:00: Nordic walking from Can Picafort to Son Real. From and to the municipal buildings.

22:00: Demonstration of dance - hip hop, modern dance. Plaça Cervantes.

Saturday, 13 August:
13:00: Regatta. Old pier.

18:30: Nordic walking race.

19:30: Football: Can Picafort v. Alcúdia. Football stadium.

20:00: Mini Z radio-control exhibition. C. Isabel Garau.

22:00: Ballroom dancing show. Plaça Cervantes.

23:00: Evening entertainment with groups Con Romantics and Química Latina. Plaça Cervantes.

Sunday, 14 August:
11:00: Multi-sport day. Sports centre.

12:00: Regatta. Old pier.

21:00: Ball de Bot and public folk dancing. Can Picafort school of Ball de Bot, Revetla d'Algebelí and Aires Vileros. Plaça Cervantes.

Monday, 15 August:
12:00: THE DUCK THROWING AND SWIM. In front of the hotel Mar y Paz.

20:00: Mass. Parish church Verge de l'Assumpció.


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Thursday, July 28, 2011


To add to the previous cocktail and tapas information, this is the full schedule for the fiestas in Playa de Muro:

Friday, 29 July:
16:00: Simulation of sea rescue. Beach off the C. Rodriguez de la Fuente.

21:30: Opening of exhibition of paintings by Francisca Magraner and at 21:45 opening of exhibition of photos of Muro in the past. Place: Municipal building.

22:00: Street parade and batucada (Afro-Brazilian drum samba).

22:30: Chill-Out Zone with DJ Terryman. Place: Calle Anecs and beach by the Restaurant Royal Beach. Entry: 10 euros (with three drinks).

Saturday, 30 July:
09:00-13:00: Sports day. Beach between the calles Anecs and Rodriguez de la Fuente (by Ses Fotges hotel in other words).

19:30: The giants of Muro gather accompanied by the pipers Es Reguinyol and dance group Revetla d'Algebelí.

20:30: Evening fair.

20:30-23:30: Eight restaurants participate in a "tapas route", with tapas at one euro a go. The restaurants are: Bar Maties, Pizzeria Olé, Cafeteria Dallas, Restaurant Boy, El Tabal, Los Claveles, Léon Rojo, Las Delicias.

21:00: Popular folk dance with Revetla d'Algebelí.

22:30: Summer beach party with Val 9 and Back to Black and DJ Carles Perikas.

Sunday, 31 July:
20:15: Evening fair.

20:30-23:30: Eight restaurants participate in a "tapas route", with tapas at one euro a go. The restaurants are: Bar Maties, Pizzeria Olé, Cafeteria Dallas, Restaurant Boy, El Tabal, Los Claveles, Léon Rojo, Las Delicias.

21:00: Solemn mass at the Sant Albert Magne church.

21:30: Concert by the Unió Artística Murera band of music.

22:30: Performance by Beatles tribute group, Sargent Peppers.

24:00: Fireworks at the Moll Anglesos.

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Monday, July 25, 2011

PLAYA DE MURO - Cocktails and Tapas Weekend 29-31 July

Friday, 29 July: Cocktail night
22:00: Street parade and batucada (Afro-Brazilian drum samba).

22:30: Chill-Out Zone with DJ Terryman. Place: Calle Anecs and beach by the Restaurant Royal Beach. Entry: 10 euros (with three drinks).

Saturday, 30 July and Sunday, 31 July: Taplatja
20:30-23:30: Eight restaurants participate in a "tapas route", with tapas at one euro a go. The restaurants are: Bar Maties, Pizzeria Olé, Cafeteria Dallas, Restaurant Boy, El Tabal, Los Claveles, Léon Rojo, Las Delicias.

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Friday, July 22, 2011


Tuesday, 26 July:
14:00: Rockets and ringing of bells to announce the start of the fiestas. At Monti-sion square. And procession with bugle band.

20:30: Street procession with bugle and drum band.

21:00: Opening of gathering of new Pollensa artists at the Club Pollença.

22:00: The welcome oration for the fiestas given by Antoni Bisanyes: "As things were (or as things are no more)". Sant Domingo cloister and then concert with the Pollensa music band and procession.

Wednesday, 27 July:
18:00: Children's entertainment. Plaça Major.

20:00: Semis and finals for 3x3 basketball tournament. Sports centre.

22:00: Gospel evening with the Alcúdia town choir, Jeroni Alenyar (keyboards), Juan Manuel Gracia (bass), Miquel Cifre (drums). Led by Martí Saez. Sant Domingo cloister. Price: 5 euros.

23:45: Party in the gardens. "Hawaiian party" with DJs Toni Llobera and Balater. Ca la Gran Cristiana.

Thursday, 28 July:
18:30: Children's "marxa fresca" (white party). Plaça Vella.

21:00: Music of the 60s with the duo Yesterday; party for older people. Sant Domingo cloister.

21:45: Country folk dance with the dance school of Pollensa, accompanied by the group Ballugall. Plaça Major.

22:00: Choral concert with the Pollensa choir. Music from the 20th century. Monti-sion church.

Friday, 29 July:
10:00: Table games till 19:00. Joan March gardens.

11:00: Polipons. Children's stories and tales plus workshop. Plaça Vella.

19:00: Children's races (from age four years). Pollensa athletics club.

19:30: Small business association gives bikes to winning customers (whatever this means). In front of the Convent church.

20:00: Indoor football tournament final. Sports arena.

20:00: Judo exhibition. Plaça Major.

20:30: Presentation of the third annual review of the Cors Oberts (open hearts) organisation. Convent dels Sagrats Cors.

21:00: Open day at horse museum at Yeguada Vallori, on the Carretera Almadrava.

22:00: Traditional Pollensa dances. Performance by Corda Amarada. Sant Domingo cloister.

22:00-02:00: DJ party. Norai, Pako, Dani Nonato, Andreu Usuar, J. Gomez, Joan Garcia and Biel Garcia. Plaça de ca les Monnares.

Saturday, 30 July:
10:00: Beach rugby at the La Gola beach, Puerto Pollensa.

10:00: Badminton tournament. Sports hall.

18:00: Football: Madrid fans v. Barcelona fans. Football stadium.

18:30: Giants' meeting and then procession. Via Pollentia and then streets.

19:30: Solidarity party - supper, music and market. Joan March gardens.

22:00: Pollensa evening. Pipers, choir, glosadors, singers. Sant Domingo cloister.

23:00: The "Marxa Fresca" (white party). Plaça Major.

Sunday, 31 July:
18:00: Bouncy castle for children to five years old. Plaça Major.

19:00: Ice creams for all boys and girls. Plaça Vella.

20:00: Theatre (Catalan). "Without noises or masks" (I think). Sant Domingo cloister. Nine euros.

22:00: Popular folk dance with the Bunyola school of folk dance. Plaça Major.

Monday, 1 August:
20:00: Street procession. With the Pollensa drum and bugle band.

22:00: Theatre (as Sunday).

23:00: Party with groups Blind Chance, Dinamo, Very Pomelo. Plaça Major.

Monday, 2 August:
05:00: The traditional "Alborada". At the Plaça Major and other locations. In Puerto Pollensa from the square.

11:00: Mass and then dance by "cossiers" (12:15). Parish church and Plaça Major.

12:45: Prize giving at the Monti-sion church with performance by the Pollensa music band.

13:00: Refreshments for all. Town hall.

17:00: Procession with the drums and bugles of Soldà.

17:30: Procession with the image of La Patrona.


21:30. Thanksgiving. Song of joy by Costa i Llobera. Interpretation of the Alborada and "Visca Pollença" by the Pollensa music band. Fireworks. Plaça Major.

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Monday, July 18, 2011


These are some of the events occurring during the fiesta season in the village of Son Serra, some seven kilometres down the coast from Can Picafort.

Saturday, 23 July:
23:00: "Flower Power" party and market. A voyage back to the times and music of the 60s, 70s and 80s. Place: Church square.

Sunday, 24 July:
21:00: Prayer and oration for the fiestas with a performance by the Santa Margalida music band. Place: Church square.

Wednesday, 27 July:
18:00: Walk to Son Real. Sets off from in front of the yacht club.

Thursday, 28 July:
19:00: Competition for omelettes and sweet "cocas". Place: Church square.

Friday, 29 July:
17:00: Water fight. Place: in front of the municipal building.

23:00: Rock, blues, pop and punk concert. Performances by Mito's, Rock and Press, Velvet Band and Motorhashy. Place: Church square.

Saturday, 30 July:
17:00: Children's party and games. Place: Church square.

22:00: Party with performances by the groups Honey and Química Latina and by DJ Gustavo. Place: Church square.

Sunday, 31 July:
11:00: Pirates approach! Fight, soapy poles and fun. Place: Yacht club.

13:00: Duck throwing. Rubber ducks to be caught. Place: Yacht club.

22:00: Ball de Bot with the group Puig de Bonany. Place: Church square.

24:00: End of fiesta fireworks.

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Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Friday, 15 July:
17:00: Start of the 3x3 basketball tournaments. Place: Passeig de Pere Ventayol.

20:00: Presentation of the book "Intrincado destino" (intricate destination) by Miquel Pujades Pericàs. Place: Terrace of Can Torró library, C. Serra.

Saturday, 16 July:
17:00: Finals of the 3x3 basketball tournaments. Place: Passeig de Pere Ventayol.

20:00: Children's opera, "Brundibar", directed by Rafel Nadal Nadal and with the participation of the cathedral boys' choir, the Sant Josep Obrer school and the Balearic youth orchestra. Place: Alcúdia Auditorium.

22:30: Concert with the groups Manel, Anegats and Suasi. Place: Bullring.

Sunday, 17 July:
21:00: Prayer and welcome to the fiestas given by Miquel Àngel Ramis Socias, a former mayor of Alcúdia and with a duet performance of "Alma String" by cellists Joana Gual and Dimitry Struchkov. Place: Sant Jaume church.

Monday, 18 July:
20:00: Opening of an exhibition by students of the painters' workshop under the programme "cultural autumn", directed by the artist Jaume Poma. Place: Can Ramis, first floor.

22:00: Open-air cinema (Catalan), "El discurs del rei" ("The King's Speech). Place: Passeig de la Mare de Déu de la Victoria.

Tuesday, 19 July:
19:00: Open doors to the forum of the Roman town of Pollentia, guided by directors of excavations, Miquel Àngel Cau and Esther Chávez.

19:30: Opening of exhibition of photography by students of the photographers' workshop under the programme "cultural autumn", directed by the photographer Sebastià Torrens. Place: Alcúdia Auditorium.

20:00: Modern ballroom dancing show. Place: Passeig de la Mare de Déu de la Victoria.

21:00: Pensioners' supper. Dance and music with the group Flamers. Place: Passeig de la Mare de Déu de la Victoria.

21:00: Documentary about Rafel Bordoy, "L'Amour et son souvenir" (love and its souvenir). Place: Alcúdia Auditorium.

Wednesday, 20 July:
18:30: Children's party with bouncies, foam and more plus the group Mallorca Festa. Place: Passeig de la Mare de Déu de la Victoria.

20:30: Indoor football matches. Place: Sports centre.

20:30: The jury to decide on the best-decorated street will walk through various streets of Alcúdia.

Thursday, 21 July:
18:00: Children's traffic awareness workshop. Organised by the local police and civil protection unit. Place: Passeig de la Mare de Déu de la Victoria.

19:00: Multi-sports. "Coca-Cola and you". Sports event sponsored by Coca-Cola. Place: Passeig de la Mare de Déu de la Victoria.

19:30: Opening of painting exhibitions: Pere Reus Viver and Juanka Fort Pericàs. Place: Can Torró library (stays open until 21 August).

20:00: Audiovisual and presentation of the book "Alcúdia", led by journalist Margalida Socies. Photography by Sebastià Torrens and text by Carme Suàrez. Place: Can Torró library.

22:00: Folk dance and music. Performances by Sarau Alcudienc and Malandia. Place: Plaça de Carles V.

Friday, 22 July:
19:00: Opening of the exhibition, "the fair of the volunteer", arranged by the volunteers platform of the Balearics. Place: Can Torró library.

20:00: Start of the evening 3x3 basketball tournaments. Place: Sports centre.

20:30: Opening of the exhibition "Maquetes" by Yannick and Ben Jakober. Place: Can Fondo exhibition room.

23:00: Revival party. Music from the '70s and '80s with the DJ Andriu. Place: Passeig de la Mare de Déu de la Victoria.

Saturday, 23 July:
10:00: Start of beach volleyball tournaments. Sports beach, Ciudad Blanca, Puerto Alcúdia.

10:00: Express triathlon. 100 metre swim, 10 minutes on a bike machine and one kilometre run. Place: Swimming pool, Puerto Alcúdia.

11:00: Exhibition of gymnastics. Place: Sports centre.

16:00: Chess tournament. Place: Fundació Torrens.

16:30: Pigeon shooting. Place to be confirmed (either Cap Gros or the Sant Martí mountain).

Special for Saturday: We are the city of Pollentia:
Cuisine from Roman times. Various restaurants in Alcúdia.
10:00: Roman games.
19:00: Exhibition of games, battles and spectaculars. Place: Vila Roja gate.
21:30: Open-air cinema: "La Última Legió" (the last legion). Place: Vila Roja gate.
23:30: Party in honour of the gods Jupiter, Juno and Minerva. Place: Campet de les Ànimes (Pollentia). Performances by DJs Miquel Rocamir, Javi Martyn and Benlli Madrid.

Sunday, 24 July:
10:00-13:00: Puppy party. Dog training. The centre of Balearic dog psychology. Place: Camp d'Alcúdia Magatzem.

11:00: Exhibition of martial arts. Place: Sports centre.

16:00: Finals of the beach volleyball. Sports beach, Ciudad Blanca, Puerto Alcúdia.

18:30: Bullfight. With matadors Jesulín de Ubrique, Victor Janeiro and Ángel Teruel. Tickets available on the day and at the bullring bar and bars Fonda Llabrés and Ses Muralles.

20:30: Procession. From the bullring to the Plaça de la Constitució.

23:30: Street party with performances by the groups Latinbrass and Pelillos a la Mar. Place: Passeig de la Mare de Déu de la Victoria.

Monday, 25 July (Sant Jaume):
11:30: Street parade with the Alcúdia Music Band.

12:00: Celebration of the Sant Jaume fiesta. Place: Samt Jaume church.

13:15: Traditional refreshments at the town hall and prizes for the best-dressed street.

22:30: Concert by the Alcúdia Music Band, conducted by Jaume Garcia.

24:00: Grand fireworks display. Place: Plaça de Carles V.

Tuesday, 26 July:
Commemorating the 25th anniversary of the sports centre:
19:00: Veterans' indoor football matches.

20:30: Veterans basketball matches.

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Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Tuesday, 2 August:
22:30: The Blues Devils. Balta Bordoy, guitar; Jay Kay, guitar and vocals, Pep Lluís García, drums and percussion; Llorenç Barceló, keyboards. Plaça Major.

Tuesday, 9 August:
22:30: Kenny Garrett Quartet. Kenny Garrett, sax; Benito González, piano; Nat Reeves, double bass; Marcus Baylor, drums. Plaça Major.

Wednesday, 17 August:
22:30: From Mali, Vieux Farka Toure, guitar and vocals; Tim Keiper, drums and percussion; Mamadou Sidibe, bass and vocals. Can Cirera Prim.

Tuesday, 23 August:
22:30: Concert from the travelling school of Jimmy Weinstein (which holds seminars from 19 to 23 August). Plaça Major.

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(This is not a full listing of events, as there are also sports events etc. But these are the main events.)

Friday, 15 July:
19:00: Prayer for the fiestas. In front of the town hall.

Saturday, 16 July:
22:30: DISTRICTE 54 party with performances by Acuarius, 4L, DJ Peso and DJ Ximet. Plaça Major (goes on till 06.00).

Sunday, 17 July:
21:00: Popular dance. Plaça Major.

Monday, 18 July:
20:30: Fourth annual evening race. From the Plaça Major.

Tuesday, 19 July:
20:00: Opening of exhibition of memorabilia for AC/DC, Nirvana, The Beatles, The Who, Bruce Springsting (sic). Bar Casa Miss.

21:00: Fourth annual tortilla championship and open-air supper. Plaça Major.

Wednesday, 20 July (Santa Margalida):
12:00: Solemn mass. Oratory in Crestatx.

18:30: Procession with pipers.

19:00: Traditional jewel races. Plaça Major.

21:30: Concert by the Sa Pobla choir. Graduate school.

Thursday, 21 July:
20:30: Fifth annual solidarity walk, with pipers accompaniment; benefit for children in Belarus and Ukraine.

22:00: Poetry evening. Oratory in Crestatx.

Friday, 22 July:
22:00: Open-air cinema. Plaça Major.

Saturday, 23 July:
19:00: Western show in collaboration with Amics del Cavall (friends of the horse) de sa Pobla. By the sports centre.

20:30: Festival of music bands. Sa Pobla and Petra bands. Plaça Major.

22:00: Ballroom dancing show. Plaça Major

Sunday, 24 July:
21:00: Popular dance. Plaça Major.

Monday, 25 July:
20:00: Glosadors. Sa Congregació.

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Saturday, July 09, 2011


Saturday, 23 July
22.00: At the Can Escarrintxo sports field in Pollensa.
10 euros entrance.
La Gran Orquesta Republicana
The Billy Young AC DC Tribute Band
La Salida

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Thursday, July 07, 2011


Thursday, 14 July:
20:30: Opening of an exhibition of old photos of motorbikes from 1920 to 1975, collected by Llorenç Payeras. Place: church hall (goes in till 17 July).

21:00: Opening prayer for the fiestas. "Like waves of the sea". Delivered by Maria Cerdà Salas, daughter and grand-daughter of fishermen.

21:45: Concert by the Pollensa Music Band. Place: the church.

Friday, 15 July:
18:00: Children's disco and foam party. On the terrace of the Miguel Capllonch centre.

22:00: Caliu. Music to accompany dancing fandango, bolero and "jacks" (basically the Mallorquín style ball de bot country dance). Place: Church Square.

Saturday, 16 July:
18:00: Bouncy castle and ice-creams for kids. Place: Church Square.

22:00: Music with performances by Pachá and Phoenix. Place: Church Square.

Sunday, 17 July:
18:30: Solemn mass at the church followed by the procession and then flotilla with the images of Sant Pere and the Mare de Déu del Carme.

23:00: Batucada (Afro-Brazilian drum samba parade), fire-run with the demons "K de Bou".

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