Monday, November 19, 2012


Friday, 23 November:
20:00: Tasting of products from Quely (the biscuits company). Cafè Plaça.

21:00: Wine tasting with wines from Formentera and Lleida. Tickets: 25 euros. Sala Rex.

Saturday, 24 November:
17:00: Official opening of the fair.

From 17:00 and all Sunday -
Stands for different Sa Pobla associations, Placeta de l'Església.
Shellfish craft, Casal Can Verdal.
Great variety of attractions, Plaça del Mercat.
Vehicle show, Can Tro polígono.
Agricultural machinery, C. Mister Green.
Bonsai, Sa Nostra local, C. Mercat.
One hundred years of electricity in Sa Pobla: exhibition in the town hall.

Sunday, 25 November:
Fair continues.
Sunday market, C. Gran.
10:00: Reception for local dignitaries. Graduate School.
Horse show. Old train station.
Animals show. Old train station square.

11:00: Taekwondo for children. In front of the town hall.

12:00: Sa Pobla popular dance. In front of the town hall.

18:00: Concert and performance by Sa Batucada d'Albopas.

20:15: Autumn concert. Sa Pobla choir and the town's band of music. Parish church.

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Monday, November 05, 2012

POLLENSA FAIR 2012 - 9-12 November

Friday, 9 November:
18:00: Opening of the craft and artisan fair. Sant Domingo cloister.

19:30: Celebration of the 20th anniversary of Prodis.

20:00: Opening of exhibition in honour of Margaret Stark 1915-1968. Pollensa museum.

Saturday, 10 November:
09:00- 16:00: Fungus day in Cala San Vicente. Guided visit by Dr. Carles Constanti. Limited numbers.

10:00: Opening of the farmers' fair.

10:00-22:00: Exhibition of black vultures. Club Pollensa. (This says it is the Club de motos, so black vultures are probably not vultures.)

10:00: Exhibition of historic military carriages. C. Menéndez y Pelayo.

16:30-18:30: Children's workshop with the group Nàufraga. C. Jaume I.

17:00-20:00: Act of promotion of the rugby flag. Club Pollença del Rugby in the Plaça Ca les Monnares.

20:00: Procession with the Pollensa drums and cornets band.

20:00: Concert by the Pollensa music band. Monti-sion church.

Sunday, 11 November:
09:00-14:00: Open day at the Pollensa museum.

10:00: Farmers' co-operative. Plaça Vella.

10:00: Sling-making workshop and at 11:30, demonstration of shooting with a sling. C. Cecili Metel children's playground.

10:30: Arrival of local dignitaries accompanied by the pipers Xeremiers Orats and singers Aires de la Cala. By the monument.

10:30: Mallorca bikers exhibition. Via Pollentia gardens.

11:00-14:00: Western championship. Can Escarrinxo football ground.

12:00-13:00: Children's workshop with La Ludoteca i L'Aula. C. Jaume I.

18:00-19:00: Crochet and hand-weaving workshop with Fils i Pedaços. C. Jaume I.

18:30: Display of farmers' dance with Puig de Bonany de Petra and Racó de Tramuntana de Pollença. Then popular folk dance. C. Marques Desbrull.

(During the fair there are also various sports events. See also events to commemorate one hundred years of the fishermen's guild taking place in Puerto Pollensa.)

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MURO FAIR 2012: 9-12 November

Friday, 9 November:
21:00-24:00: Wine show and cheese sampling. Music provided by saxophonist Adrià Sansó. Convent cloister.

Saturday, 10 November:

10:30: Children's workshop: making lanterns from pumpkins etc. Plaça dels Abeuradors.

17:00: Children's party with Cucorba. Plaça Major.

18:00: Procession of the lanterns and then children's fire-run with the Sa Pedrera demons.

19:45: Street procession from the town hall with the band Unió Artística Murera.

20:00-24:00: Muro cuisine show. Cloister convent.

Sunday, 11 November:
(There is a gastronomy route during the day with several bars and bakeries taking part; pumpkin specialities.)

10:00: Mini-motos and bike trial. Sports centre.

10:00-14:00: Muro museum day.

10:30: Procession with the Muro giants and pipers Es Reguinyol.

11:00: Procession with the drums and bugles band.

11:30: Dignitaries visit the fair.

12:30: Pumpkin competition.

17:00: Popular dance with Revetla d'Algebelí.

18:30: Concert by Unío Artística Murera. By the church.

Monday, 12 November:
19:30: Inauguration of the Real Mallorca fan club Bernat Sans de Muro with Mallorca players in attendance - Martí and Victor. Sports centre.

21:00: Homage to Bernat Sans who played for Real Mallorca between 1960 and 1975.

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Friday, November 02, 2012

One Hundred Years Of The Fishermen's Fraternity (Of Puerto Pollensa)

Events are held in the rooms of the Residents Association of Puerto Pollensa, C. Mestral 15 to mark the one-hundredth anniversary of the fishermen's fraternity (or guild, if one prefers).

Thursday, 8 November:20:00: Opening of exhibition of old photos of Puerto Pollensa's fishermen. Interpretation of poems of the sea, music by Pollensa artist Jaume Mas Duran.

Friday, 9 November:
20:00: Conference run by Antoni Garau Coll of the Balearic Federation of Fishermen's Fraternities. "Fishermen's Fraternities Today".

Projection of a montage of photos paying homage to the fishermen by Hans Monheim.

Saturday, 10 November:
20:00: Presentation of the book - "History of the Fishermen's Fraternity of Puerto Pollensa: One Hundred Years of Seafaring Life" - by the authors Pere Salas Vives and Juan M. Torres Velasco.

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