Monday, August 27, 2012


This is a multidisciplinary arts festival held around Pollensa between 29 August and 2 September. Events below are in Pollensa town, except where noted.

Wednesday, 29 August:
20:30: Opening of the festival. With various artists, the town's children and people and Pollensa giants. Plaça Major.

21:30: In-house cooking. Joan Mas gardens.

22:00: Son Brull and Pollensa - clothes of the sea.

Thursday, 30 August:
10:00: Relax sound. Streets of Pollensa.

10:00-12:00: The "well-read" sea. Plaça Major.

18:00: Opening of "performance message". The performance is active on 31 August and 1 September as well (from 18:00-21:00). At 21:00, performance of Abu Mc (each day).

19:00: Opening at the Club Pollença (with micro concert) of film, literature and other texts plus art exhibition and workshop (other days: 11:00-13:00 / 18:00-22:00).

19:30: Opening of collective space of art 32 exhibition (plus micro concert). C. Reina Maria Cristina 9 (other days: 11:00-13:00 / 18:00-22:00).

20:00: Opening of the "well-heard" sea with micro concert. La Caixa hall (other days: 18:00-22:00).

21:00: Opening of plastic arts exhibition with micro concert. Sant Domingo cloister (other days: 11:00-13:00 / 18:00-22:00).

Tapas route.

21:30: Film and photos at Café Espanyol, e.g. underwater photos of Cala San Vicente.

22:00: Mediterranean and witty pop. Sant Domingo cloister.

22:30: Shava Bollywood.

23:00: Moon swim. Dress in beachwear, party on the Calvari.

Friday, 31 August:
11:00: The treasure island. The creation of a mosaic, participative and educative fr children and others. Plaça Ca les Munnares.

21:30: Films: Experimental documentary. Micer studio, C. Alcúdia 14.

22:30: Habaneres concert (Cuban sea songs). Cala Molins, Cala San Vicente.

Saturday, 1 September:
10:00: Mosaics in action. Plaça Major.

18:30: Art meeting and children's workshop. Plaça Major.

19:00: Posidonia Oceanica. Micro concert as part of exhibition about sea grass. C. Reina Maria Cristina 9.

20:30: Crochet "guerilla". By the Nostra Sra. dels Àngels church.

21:30: Painting of marine figures. Plaça Vella.

21:30: Arianna in Naxos concert. Calvari steps.

22:00: Films (as Friday). Micer studio, C. Alcúdia 14.

Sunday, 2 September:
18:00: Music and fashion of the high sea fusion. DJ Javi Vidal. Kargo Shop, Ctra,. Formentor, Puerto Pollensa.

19:00: Collective painting. Plaça Major.

20:00: Theatre: The sentiment of the sea. Albercuix beach, Puerto Pollensa.

22:00: Theatre: Sant Domingo cloister.

23:00: Final party. Fats Cats Reunion, Carol Kidd, Springtime Jam.

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Friday, August 24, 2012


The poster for the Alcúdia Tourist Day on 30 August.

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Wednesday, August 22, 2012


(Note that this an abbreviated listing that doesn't include various tournaments, some exhibitions and events of limited interest.)

Friday, 24 August:
21:30: Procession by the band of music, followed by oration and prayer for the fiestas. Casa de la Vila. The blessing for the fiestas and performances by the Demons of Hiachat, the school of Ball de Bot and Aires Vileros.

23:55: Opening of the new phase of the Pub Es Colomer.

Saturday, 25 August:
15:00: Festival of the hay harvest. Gathering in Plaça de la Vila, then heading off with accompaniment by pipers and whistlers.

18:30: Country party. Everyone has to go in clothing for the harvest. Cafeteria Sa Caseta.

20:00: Concert by the Summer Band. Terrace of the Joan Mascaró i Fornes Cultural Centre.

22:00: Evening party with Pau and Sebastià. (For pensioners). Plaça de la Vila.

Sunday, 26 August:

17:30: Exhibition of radio control. In front of the Peugeot garage.

19:00: Opening of exhibition. Santa Catalina Tomàs, a Light for Mallorca. Rectory hall.

20:30: Coral concert. Auditorium.

Tuesday, 28 August:

22:00: Exhibition of ballroom dancing. Plaça de la Vila.

22:00: La Beata treasure hunt. Plaça de l'Església.

22:00: Poetry and wine. Recitals and wine-tasting (Bodegues Galmés Ribot). Six euros or ten euros with supper. Cultural centre terrace.

Thursday, 30 August:
18:30: Competition and parade of t-shirts for La Beata. Auditorium.

21:30: Playback.

23:55: Performance by Batucada of Muro and local DJs. Pub Es Colomer.

Friday, 31 August:
20:00: Ringing of bells. Raising of the standard of the town and flag of La Beata.

22:30: Fire run with the demons de Hiachat and other demons groups.

23:55: Night of pop rock. Jazzska, Very Pomelo, Societat Anònima. Plaça de la Vila.

23:55: Party at Colomer. DJs Juan Campos and Butxe (outdoors), Festa Safari Club (indoors). Pub Es Colomer.

Saturday, 1 September:
19:30: Flowers for La Beata. Pipers and whistlers and music bands.

20:30: Mass followed by street procession with the "relic" of Santa Catalina. Parish church and then streets.

21:30: Open air supper. Price up to ten euros. Calle Hostal.

23:00: Party with groups Yesterday, Orquestra Calypso and The Pikos Pardos and DJs Puça and Butxe. And followed by processions with the local band of music through the town.

Sunday, 2 September (La Beata):
08:00: Pipers and whistlers wake up the town.

10:00: Departure of the demons.

11:00: Mass. With Santa Margalida choir and band of music and ball de bot and pipers and whistlers. Parish church.

17:30: Floats and carriages.

19:00: Parade of bands of music and pipers.

21:00: The La Beata procession.

24:00: Party with groups Trio Cha-Cha-Cha, Romàntics. Plaça de la Vila.

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Sunday, August 12, 2012


Thursday, 16 August:
18:30: Children's workshop (to age ten) making fancy dress and musical instruments (kids should take their own materials). Place: Cala Barques.

Followed by procession with the Pollensa drums and bugles band to Cala Molins.

20:30: Conference and film on navigation in Greek and Roman times, an example of which is the wreck of a Greek ship off Cala San Vicente. Place: Pizzeria, Hotel Cala San Vicente.
Friday, 17 August:
20:30: Procession with the giants "L'Esbart de Sant Jordi" and the pipers Xeremiers Orats. From Cala Barques to Cala Molins.

21:30: Open-air trempó (Mallorcan salad) supper and jazz with the trio Desitjazz. Three euros. Place: C. Temporal.

Saturday, 18 August:
18:00: Children's games and balloons' festival. Plaça dels Pins.

21:00: An act in recognition of loyal tourists to Cala San Vicente. Hotel Molins.

22:00: Concert by Tomeu Penya and Gèminis, followed by DJ Flequi. Cala Molins.

Sunday, 19 August:
19:00: Guided visit to the Alzinaret caves and the naviforme village.

21:00: Folk dance with the group Aires de la Cala and the pipers Xeremiers Orats. Cala Barques parking area.

22:00: Havaneres Cuban sea shanties with Arpellots Havaneres Band. Cala Barques.

24:00: Fire display. Cala Barques.

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Friday, August 03, 2012


Tuesday, 7 August, 22.30, Plaça Major, 3 euros:
Dani Wilde has cancelled and is replaced by the Spikedrivers - Ben Tyzack, guitars, harmonica and vocals; Constance Redgrave, bass, percussion and vocals; Maurice McElroy, drums, percussion and vocals. Blues trio with influences such as Big Bill Broozy.

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