Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Saturday, 31 July:
09:30: Open swimming.

15:00: Mini-cross and pit bikes. Sports arena.

Sunday, 1 August:
09:00: Cycling race.

18:00: Exhibition of radio-controlled models. Sports arena.

19:30: Street procession with the Can Picafort band of bugles.

20:00: Mass.

20:45: Prayers for the fiestas. Accompaniment by pipers and whistlers. Virgen de la Asunción church.

21:15: Opening of exhibition by artist Pep Coll. Galería de Arte Contemporáneo Marimón.

Monday, 2 August:
10:30: Recycling workshop. Vora Mar college.

22:00: Open-air cinema (in Catalan). "Up". Plaza de la Residencia.

Tuesday, 3 August:
18:30: Synchronised swimming. Public swimming pool.

20:00: Watermelon eating contest. Plaza Cervantes.

Wednesday, 4 August:
18:00: The soapy pole. Old pier.

22:00: Open-air cinema (in Spanish). "Avatar". Plaza de la Residencia.

Thursday, 5 August:
19:30: Karate demonstration. Plaza Cervantes.

20:00: Master classes in aerobics, step, yoga, pilates. Plaza Cervantes.

Friday, 6 August:
19:00: Children's fashion show. Plaza de la Residencia.

22:00: Nit de l'auba. Night party. Two stages - Carl Cox and Groove Armada and others, and the Space Area with various DJs. Tickets in advance 25 euros (Cas Chato bar), 35 euros on the night, but free to residents of the town with identity proof at the Can Picafort municipal buildings. 18 years and over. Sports arena.

Saturday, 7 August:
18:30: Nordic walking.

19:00: Evening ecology fair. Accompaniment by pipers and whistlers.

22:00: Performance by Men, Casa Rusa, Rec.on. Plaza de la Residencia.

Sunday, 8 August:
18:00: For children - drawing your mascot. Plaza de la Residencia.

20:00: Solidarity walk. Plaza de la Residencia. (3 euro entry from the municipal building in advance, t-shirt in return, money to charities in Burkina Faso.)

23:00: Fire run with demons. From the sports area to Plaza Cervantes.

Monday, 9 August:
18:30: Jewel run. Plaza Cervantes.

19:00: Opening of painting exhibition Joan Lluís Fuster and students from the local school. Municipal building.

22:30: Musical theatre. "La Moixa amb botes". Plaza de la Residencia.

Tuesday, 10 August:
18:00: Sandcastle competition. Beach.

19:00: Guitar recital. Plaza Cervantes.

19:30: Opening of exhibitions in the Civic Centre, Via Francia.

20:00: Demonstration of different forms of dance - from ballet to "funky". Plaza Cervantes.

Wednesday, 11 August:
10:00: T-shirt painting for children. Vora Mar school.

17:00: Mini tennis. Public courts.

22:30: Performance by the group Música Nostra. Plaza de la Residencia.

Thursday, 12 August:
18:00: "Social" tennis tournament semi finals. Public courts.

22:30: Foam and disco party. Plaza Cervantes.

Friday, 13 August:
18:00: Tennis finals.

22:00: Open-air dinner. Bring your own food, the town hall provides the drink. Music accompaniment DJ Dany. Plaza de la Residencia.

Saturday, 14 August:
09:30: Triathlon.

10:00: Solidarity walk from Can Picafort to Son Real. (Nordic walking also permitted.) Leaves from the municipal building. One euro per kilometre walked.

10:00: Regatta. Old pier.

19:00: Football tournament. Municipal pitch.

22:30: Party with performances by Aquarius, Romantics and Boogie Nights. Plaza de la Residencia.

Sunday, 15 August:
12:00: Traditional duck throwing and pursuit. In front of the hotel Mar y Paz.

14:00: Regatta.

20:00: Mass. Verge de l'Assumpció church.

24:00: Grand fireworks display. Plaza Cervantes.

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SON SERRA DE MARINA - Fiesta fireworks

Events go on at different times in Son Serra de Marina during the summer. The main day, as such, for the fiestas, is Sunday, 1 August:

00:30: The night of fires. Pyrotechnics at the Plaça de l'església.

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Unless stated, all events take place in front of or near to the municipal building in Playa de Muro.

Friday, 30 July:
16:00: Simulation of sea rescue. In front of the Playa de Muro hotel.

22:30: Performance by Wonderbrass.

23:30: Party with the group Trío Swing.

Saturday, 31 July:
20:00-24:00: Opening of the evening fair. Dignitaries visit stands accompanied by pipers, the Muro "giants" and the the group Revetla d'Algebelí.

20:30: Opening of painting exhibition by Andreu Arrom (inside the municipal building).

20:30-23:00: Mostra de Cuina Murera - Muro cuisine. Sample dishes can be bought for 3 euros. Featured establishments - Bar Piroska, Supermercat Ca Na Francisca, Forn de Cal Rei, Es Racó d'en Blai, Bar Poliesportiu, Cafeteria Dallas.

21:00: Ball de Bot with Revetla d'Algebelí.

Sunday, 1 August:
12:00: Jewel run with pipers.

20:00-24:00: Evening fair.

20:30: Procession with the Muro drums and bugles.

20:30-23:00: Mostra de Cuina Murera (as Saturday).

21:00: Solemn mass in the parish church (in C. Creuer).

21:30: Concert with the band Unió Artística Murera.

23:00: Fire run with demons.

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Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Wednesday, 4 August:
22:30: McCoy Tyner Trio - Tyner on piano, Gerald Canon bass, Eric Kamau Gravatt on drums. Plaça Major.

Monday, 9 August:
22:30: Kyle Eastwood Band - Eastwood (Clint's son) on bass, Graeme Flowers trumpet, Graeme Bevins sax, Andrew McCormack piano, Martyn Kaine drums. Parc de Can Cirera Prim.

Tuesday, 17 August:
22:30: JVERA Quartet. Jacob Sureda piano, Ariel Bringuez sax, Noah Shaye drums, José Vera bass. Plaça Major.

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La Liga kicks off on the weekend of 28/29 August. For Real Mallorca, it doesn't get much bigger (unless it were Barça perhaps). A home match against Real Madrid.

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Friday, 23 July:
19:00: Synchronised swimming. Public swimming-pool, Pollensa.

20:00: Clowns' performance. Club Pollença. 3 euros entrance.

22:00: Musical comedy "La Revista". Sant Domingo cloister. Price 10 euros.

Saturday, 24 July:
22:00: U Gall Festival with DJs and groups La Oreja de Van Gogh and Celtas Cortos. Can Escarrinxo football arena. 25 euros in advance; tickets from the town hall.

22:00: Night walk. Portell de Cúber.

Sunday, 25 July:
15:30: Scoring event - hunters' society of Pollensa. Camp de Tir (shooting range) de Son Vila.

22:00: Theatre "La Bella i La Bèstia". Sant Domingo cloister. 12 euros adults, 10 euros children.

Monday, 26 July:
14:00: Rockets. At Monti-sion. And procession with bugle band.

20:00: Football tournament. Sports arena.

20:30: Street procession with bugle and drum band.

21:00: New Pollensa artists at the Club Pollença.

22:00: Prayer and welcome to the fiestas. Sant Domingo cloister and then concert with the Pollensa music band and procession.

Tuesday, 27 July:
18:00: Children's treasure hunt.

19:00: Documentary "Africa 2010". Club Pollença.

19:30: Ice-creams for children.

21:30: Pollensa celebration. Pipers, choirs and "glosadors". Sant Domingo cloister.

23:45: Party in the gardens. "Come with a hat." Ca la Gran Cristiana.

Wednesday, 28 July:
09:00-20:00: Patrona tennis tournament. Finals on Saturday, 31 July. Sports arena.

18:30: XOP Park, games with water. Plaça de Ca les Monnares.

20:00: Judo, jujitsu and karate. Plaça de Ca les Monnares.

20:30: Music in a 60s style with the group Nàutic. Sant Domingo cloister.

22:30: Furor Pollença. "Furor" was a Spanish TV programme. This event seems to be all about a re-creation of the old show. Plaça Major.

23:00: DJ party. With DJs from Ibiza. Can Escarrinxo football arena.

Thursday, 29 July:
19:30: Solidarity party with supper, music and market. Joan March gardens.

22:00: Basketball finals. Sports hall.

21:00: Exhibition devoted to the tenth anniversary of the drum and bugle band "del Soldà". Club Pollença.

22:00: Pollensa festival. With choir, theatre and others.

23:00: Celebration continues with performances by the groups Show Business, Los Mikis, Ses Bubotes. Plaça Major.

Friday, 30 July:
10:00: Table games till 19:00. Joan March gardens.

18:30: Children's "Marxa fresca". Plaça Vella.

18:30: Bouncy castle. Plaça Major.

21:00: Football tournament final. Sports arena.

22:00: Farmers' ball. Accompaniment by Sarau Alcudienc and the Pollensa music school. Plaça Major.

23:00: Cocktail dance. With Orquestra Romantic. Sant Domingo cloister.

Saturday, 31 July:
10:00 till 20:00: Beach rugby at the Llenaire beach, Puerto Pollensa.

10:00 till 16:00: Badminton tournament. Sports hall.

19:00: Musical theatre "De Malnom Caputxeta". Sant Domingo cloister. Six euros entrance.

19:30: Giants' meeting and then procession. Via Pollentia and then streets.

21:00: Opening of exhibition "Nuredduna" by Ramon Cavaller. Sala Ignasi Rotger.

22:00: Popular local culture - music, pipers, giants etc. Sant Domingo cloister.

23:00: The "Marxa Fresca" (white party). Plaça Major.

Sunday, 1 August:
11:00: Procession with giants. From the Plaça Vella.

20:00: Another procession with the band of drums and bugles.

22:30: Three parties with live acts - Escuela de Calor, Very Pomelo, Melon Band, Mad. Plaça Major; Oyelo, Green Point, Es Reboster, Zona Verde. Plaça de Ca les Munnares; Dollsdrums, The K Band, The John Lynam Band. Plaça dels Seglars.

Monday, 2 August (Patrona):
05:00: The traditional "Alborada". At the town hall and other locations. In Puerto Pollensa in the square.

11:00: Mass and then dance by "cossiers" (12:15). Parish church and Plaça Major.

12:45: Prize giving at the Monti-sion church with performance by the Pollensa music band.

13:00: Refreshments for all. Town hall.

17:00: Procession with the drums and bugles of Soldà.

18:00: Procession with the image of La Patrona.


21:30. Thanksgiving. With the Pollensa music band. Plaça Major.

24:00: Grand fireworks display. Via Pollentia.

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Friday, July 16, 2010


Friday, 16 July:
20:00: Prayer for and welcome to the fiestas of Santa Margalida and Sant Jaume. In front of the town hall.

22:00: Concert by the Sa Pobla choir. Terrace of the graduate school.

Saturday, 17 July:
19:00: Exhibition of and market for model aeroplanes and helicopters. Son Boira.

22:00: Concert by Paul Zinnard. (Zinnard sings along to acoustic guitar and usually in English.) Sa Congregació.

23:55: Night party with Baix 'n' Nicotina, Ossifar Revival, Horris Kamoi.

Sunday, 18 July:
15:30: Cycling race. Around the poligono de Can Tro.

16:00: Pigeon shoot. Finca de Talapi.

21:00: Performance of Sa Pobla dance. Plaça Major.

Monday, 19 July:
18:30: Children's painting workshop. Plaça Major.

19:00: Exhibition of spinning tops. Plaça del Mercat.

22:30: Concert night with Mohëbius, Arpellots Havaneres Band, Talamh. Plaça Major.

Tuesday, 20 July:
11:00: Mass at the Crestatx oratory.

18:30: Street procession with the pipers Els Xirois.

19:00: Jewel run. Plaça Major.

20:00: Children's entertainment. Plaça Major.

Wednesday, 21 July:
17:00: Speed chess tournament. Plaça Constitució.

20:30. Solidarity walk. Plaça Major.

22:30: Folk music and dance with the group Panamá, Música y Danza. Plaça Major.

Thursday, 22 July:
21:00: Tortilla competition - summer supper. Plaça Major.

Friday, 23 July:
23:30: Rock concert with The Other Sky, Waiting The Widoe, Broncos Blues Band, The Billy Young Band (AC/DC tribute). Plaça Major.

Saturday, 24 July:
17:00: Horse race and Western competition. Finca Son Basca by the sports arena.

18:00: Shot slinging championship. Sports arena.

22:30: Party with the groups Romantics Orquestra, Champagne, E-volution, Pelillos a la Mar. Plaça Major.

24:00: Fireworks. Parc de Can Cirera Prim.

Sunday, 25 July:
19:00: Music bands from Sa Pobla, Binissalem, Pollensa and Santa Margalida. Plaça Major.

22:30: Popular dance with performance by Marjal en Festa. Plaça Major.

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Wednesday, July 14, 2010



(Events all mainly take place in and around the market square. Passeig de Pere Ventayol, Passeig de Mare de Déu de la Victoria and Plaça de Carles V all basically mean the market area. Other locations include the church and by the church, the bullring and Plaça de la Constitució, which is the square in the centre of the old town. Some events take place outside the old town - at the sports hall, the tennis club and the sports beach, all in Puerto Alcúdia.
Note that this year's fiestas coincide with the triennial celebration of the miracle of Sant Crist.)

Saturday, 17 July:
16:00: Finals of street basketball. Passeig de Pere Ventayol (market square).

22:00: Open air cinema "The Days With The Family" (Tres dies amb la familia). Catalan film. Passeig de Pere Ventayol.

Sunday, 18 July:
17:00: Pigeon shooting. At Cap Gros.

21:00: Prayer for the fiestas and welcome. At the Sant Jaume church.

22:15: Concert by the vocal group Cap-pela. In front the of the church.

Monday, 19 July:
20:00: Exhibition of street dance. Passeig de Pere Ventayol.

21:00: Event for pensioners with some "coca" and ice-cream and a performance by the group Scarlatta. Passeig de Pere Ventayol.

(From Monday, tickets for the open-air supper and bingo on 22 July can be bought from the Auditorium, price 3 euros.)

Tuesday, 20 July:
18:00: Children's games - sack races and so on. Passeig de Pere Ventayol.

19:00: Simultaneous chess games. At the Alcúdia pensioners' building.

20:00: Exhibition of modern ballroom dancing. Passeig de Pere Ventayol.

22:00: Open-air theatre. "Per Amunt i Per Avall" (Up and down stairs). At the bullring.

Wednesday, 21 July:
18:00: Finals of indoor football tournament. At the municipal sports hall.

19:00: "Do you have a bike and a helmet'" Children's bike safety, organised by the local police. From the children's park (parc infantil de tránsit) to the Passeig de Pere Ventayol.

19:30: The best-decorated street. A tradition of Sant Jaume is for the streets of the town to be decked out and for the best ones to be judged.

22:00: International folk music and dance show. With Sarau Alcudienc and Fuente Agria (from Castella-La Manxa). Placa de Carles V.

Thursday, 22 July:
19:00 (and to 25 July): world championship of rapid ball. At the tennis club Las Palmeras in Puerto Alcúdia.

20:30: Finals of football tournament. Sports hall.

21:15: Open-air supper and bingo (tickets have to be acquired in advance - see above, 19 July). Passeig de Pere Ventayol.

Friday, 23 July:
18:00: Sant Jaume market. Plaça de Carles V.

19:00: "Open doors" to the Roman ruins of Pollentia.

19:30: The Alcúdia artist Jaume Poma presents his book about Nofre Pons from Sa Pobla. At the Can Torro library, C. Serra.

20:30: Opening of a painting exhibition by Maria Prats. At the Can Torro library. Followed by another exhibition devoted to the eradication of extreme poverty.

22:00: Special concert for Sant Crist. The Alcúdia choir. At the Auditorium. Entrance is free.

23:30: "Roman Alcúdia" night party. With DJs Miquel Rocamir, Juan Campos and Pere Sampol. Plaça de Carles V.

Saturday, 24 July:
10:00: Start of the beach volleyball tournament. On the sports beach in Ciudad Blanca (top of the Bellevue Mile).

10:00: Alcúdia gymnastics trophy. At the municipal gym.

16:00: Start of the chess tournament "Ciutat d'Alcúdia". At the Fundació Torrens building, C. Hostal.

18:00: Children's party with bouncy castles and dance troupe Cucorba. Passeig de Mare de Déu de la Victoria.

18:00. Sant Jaume market. Place de Carles V.

19:30: Opening of the painting exhibition "Un record a en Cézanne". At the Auditorium.

20:00: Start of evening basketball tournament. Sports hall.

20:30: Opening of an exhibition in honour of the Alcúdia artist Miquel Rivera Bagur. At the Can Fondo exhibition room, C. Serra.

23:00: Party with performances by the groups Zona Nord, Stereotypo and L.A. Passeig de la Mare de Déu de la Victoria.

Sunday, 25 July (SANT JAUME):
11:30: Street procession with the Alcúdia music band.

12:00: Sant Jaume mass. At the Sant Jaume church.

13:15: Traditional refreshments at the town hall and prize-giving for the best-decorated streets.

16:00: Finals of the beach volleyball. Sports beach, Ciudad Blanca.

18:00: Sant Jaume market. Plaça de Carles V.

18:30: Bullfight with matadors David Galan, Gomez del Pilar and Alberto Escobar. At the bullring (of course). Tickets on the day or in advance from Bar Fonda Llabrés or the bullring bar.

19:00: Finals of the rapid ball championship. At the Las Palmeras tennis club.

20:30: Street procession from the bullring to the Plaça de la Constitució.

21:30: Special Via Fora (street dramatic reproduction) for Sant Crist. In front of the church.

22:30: Popular dance - ballroom, Latin and Spanish pop rock from the '80s with the orchestras Romàntics and Rodamons. Passeig Mare de Déu de la Victoria.

Monday, 26 June:
11:00: Solemn celebration of the Eucharist followed by the procession for Sant Crist with the image of the saint and veneration. Accompanied by the Alcúdia music band. At the church of Sant Jaume and then the streets.

22:30: Concert by the Alcúdia music band. Plaça de la Constitució.

24:00: Grand fireworks display. Plaça de Carles V.

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Friday, July 09, 2010


Friday, 9 July:

21:00: Ball de Bot (Mallorcan folk dance and music). Paseo Marítimo, Puerto Alcúdia.

Saturday, 10 July:

21:00: Ball de Bot. Paseo Marítimo, Puerto Alcúdia.

21:00: Aires de Menorca. Horse show. Bull ring. 10 euros adults, 5 euros children.

22:00: Concert of Occitan music. Porta Roja (red gate), Alcúdia. (Occitan is a language of southern France and Catalonia and has strong similarities with Catalan.)

Thursday, 15 July:

21:00: Via Fora. Events in Alcúdia's history performed as street theatre. Porta des Moll (the gate in the market square).

Friday, 16 July:

21:00: Russian ballet. "Swan Lake". Alcúdia Auditorium. Prices 35 and 40 euros.

Wednesday, 21 July:

22:00: Mallorcan folk dance and music. Ball de bot. Plaça de Carles V (market square).

Sunday, 25 July:

21:00: Via Fora SPECIAL to coincide with the triennial celebration of Sant Crist. In front of the Sant Jaume church.

(Note: this is the day of Sant Jaume; the fiestas programme will be available separately.)

Monday, 26 July:

The fiesta day of Sant Crist.

Thursday, 29 July:

21:00: Via Fora. Porta des Moll.

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Carl Cox returns to Can Picafort! The Auba night party on 6 August will feature Cox along with Groove Armada and DJs from Space Ibiza. 25 euros in advance (from Cas Chato bar, Can Picafort) or 35 euros on the night.

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Tuesday, 13 July:

20:30: Exhibition of local collections. Place: the church hall.

21:00: Prayer of welcome and opening of the fiestas. Musical performance: the church. Refreshments at the neighbourhood association (just off the square).

Wednesday, 14 July:

18:00: Children's party - music and foam. Place: Puerto Pollensa school.

21:00: Ball de Bot (folk dance) with Música Nostra. Place: church square (Plaça Miquel Capllonch).

Thursday, 15 July:

18:00: Bouncy castle and ice-creams for kids. Place: church square (Plaça Miquel Capllonch).

22:00: Musical spectacular, "The Michael Jackson Story". Place: church square (Plaça Miquel Capllonch).

Friday, 16 July:

18:00: Children's workshop. Place: church square (Plaça Miquel Capllonch).

22:00: Rag time jazz with Le Carromato. Place: church square (Plaça Miquel Capllonch).

Saturday, 17 July:

22:00: Ballroom dance with Mel i Sucre. Place: church square (Plaça Miquel Capllonch).

22:00: Beach party at La Gola with DJs Cris Pozito, TP and Llobera and live act Pirates Pirats.

Sunday, 18 July:

18:30: Solemn mass followed by the procession and flotilla with the images of Sant Pere and la Mare de Déu del Carme. Place: church, then to the Moll Sur and the sea.

22:30: Batucada (drums and samba parade) and fire-run with the demons "Ka de Bou".

24:00: Grand fireworks display at La Gola beach.

Note that from 14-18 July there will be daily regattas, rowing, petanque and beach volleyball. And that at Galeria Joan XXIII (in C. Joan XXIII) there will be exhibitions of works by local artists.

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Wednesday, July 07, 2010


Thursday, 15 July:
20:30: At the cloister of Sant Domingo in Pollensa, the children's choir of Saint Marc from Lyon in France. 25 euros, tickets from Club Pollenca.

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Saturday, 10 July: 18:00-23:00 / Sunday, 11 July: 18:00-22:00
In the church square, Puerto Pollensa, a summer fair on these evenings, though quite what this is, other than a market, not entirely sure.

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Tuesday, July 06, 2010


Saturday, 24 July:

22:00: At the football arena in Pollensa old town. Live bands - La Oreja de Van Gogh and Celtas Cortos plus DJs. Tickets 25 euros from the town hall or Bar 1550 and also via the internet through servicaixa.com.

Websites of the two featured bands - http://www.laorejadevangogh.com, http://www.celtascortos.com.

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Monday, July 05, 2010


Thursday, 29 July:
China Crisis, Liverpool band big in the '80s, are playing Zhan, Pollensa Golf Club.
Tickets are 20 euros, admission at 21:00, or 40 euros (VIP) with dinner, from 19:00.
Call 0034 696 929 223 or go to http://www.jellyfishevents.com

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