Thursday, June 14, 2012


Saturday, 23 June:
10.00: Sandcastle competition. Xara beach by the marina.

10.00: Table tennis tournament (juniors). Tournament sign-up before 21 June; call 971 545 289. Takes place at the Hort dels Fassers school gym.

10.00: Beach volleyball tournament. Tournament sign-up, call 629 648 114. Sports beach, Cuidad Blanca.

16.00: Table tennis tournament (seniors). Tournament sign-up before 21 June; call 971 545 289. Takes place at the Hort dels Fassers school gym.

17.00: Skating tournament "Anglet shop". Plaça del Varador (Paseo Marítimo).

20.30: Exhibition of modern ballroom dancing. With the Alcúdia school of modern ballroom. Plaça del Varador (Paseo Marítimo).

23.30: Pirate party for Sant Pere. DJs Two Many Cifres and Dany Valen. Sports arena.

Sunday, 24 June:
16.30: Beach volleyball finals. Sports beach, Ciudad Blanca.

19.30: Popular folk dance with Sarau Alcudienc and the groups Xaloc and Abeniara. Plaça del Varador (Paseo Marítimo).

Monday, 25 June:
11.30: Swimming races. Public swimming-pool.

19.30: 21st anniversary of Alcúdia Radio. Walk from Es Clot beach into Alcúdia market square and then onto the Paseo Marítimo and a supper of trempó (Mallorcan salad).

20.30: Giants of Alcúdia welcome the walkers. Paseo Marítimo.

21.30: Exhibition of Zumba and Kangoo Jumps, led by Àngel Díaz, Alina Mocano and Arturo Redondo. Plaça del Varador (Paseo Marítimo).

Tuesday, 26 June:
18.00: Children's party with bouncy castles and other attractions plus entertainment by the group Mallorca Festa. Tea and foam party. Plaça de Cas Vicari.

21.30: 17th festival of music bands - "Sa Nostra Terra" from Son Ferriol, from Sant Llorenç and Cardassar d'Alcúdia. Plaça del Varador (Paseo Marítimo).

Wednesday, 27 June:
20.30: Karate exhibition with the Alcúdia karate school and club. Plaça del Varador (Paseo Marítimo).

21.00: Refreshments for senior citizens. Pensioners' home.

22.00: Theatre night. "Les flors músties". Free, Plaça de Cas Vicari.

Thursday, 28 June:
18.30: A grand evening of fables. Plaça de Gabriel Roca.

21.00: Sardine BBQ organised by the fishermen's brotherhood. And Nit d'Havaneres (Cuban sea shanties) with the group Sotavent. Old pier. Tickets for the BBQ cost one euro. It is recommended that people bring their own plates etc., though for two euros, plates and cutlery will be available. Burnt rum for everyone.

23.30: Pop-rock concert. Los Chicos de John Deere and Anegats. Plaça del Varador (Paseo Marítimo).

Friday, 29 June (Sant Pere):
11.30: Meeting of fishermen by the fishermen brotherhood's building, followed by procession with accompaniment by the Alcúdia band of music to the port's church.

12.00: Solemn mass.

14.00: Lunch in honour of retired fisherment at the Cases de Son Sant Martí.

19.00: Mass.

19.30: Procession with the image of Sant Pere, accompanied by fishermen and the Alcúdia band of music.

22.00: Eurovision Years. Music from the song contest with the Siurell Big Band. Plaça del Varador (Paseo Marítimo).

00.30: Grand fireworks display. On the beach by the marina.


Sunday, 1 July:
18.00: Races, the ascent to La Victoria from the Avenida Principes d'España in Alcúdia. Entry price two euros. Information, 651 890 949.

18.00: Children's whistling to La Victoria.

18.15: Start of the walk to La Victoria with the Alcúdia giants. From the Avenida Principes d'España in Alcúdia.

20.00: Celebration of the Eucharist.

22.00: Fritters and mistela (fortified wine) for all.

22.30: Party with the groups Tacàritx and Sarau Alcudienc.

00.30: Burnt run for all.

Monday, 2 July (Mare de Déu de la Victoria)
10.00: Rockets fired from the town hall and then procession with the Alcúdia band of music.

11.30: Arrival of dignitaries at La Victoria, accompanied by the Alcúdia band of music.

12.00: Eucharist with traditional offer of camomile.

12.30: Traditional jewel runs.

14.00: Paella for the benefit of maintenance work on the hospice. Tickets available from 10.00 from the hermitage.

16.30: Ball de bot with the Alcúdia band of music and showers of sweets and hazelnuts.

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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

SANT PERE FIESTA / FIRA DE LA MAR 2012 - Puerto Pollensa

Thursday, 28 June:
19.00: Street procession with the Pollensa drums and bugles.

20.00: The "Sardinada" (sardine BBQ). The old pier.

21.30: Havaneres (Cuban sea songs) plus Mallorcan songs performed by Norai and with some burnt rum.

Friday, 29 June (Sant Pere):
11.00: Solemn mass. Followed by the presentation of a commemorative poster for 100 years of the local fishermen's brotherhood created by artist Joan Bennassar. The old pier.

14.00: Lunch on behalf of the brotherhood at the nautical club.

21.00: Farmers' folk dance with Aires de la Cala and the Orats pipers.

Saturday, 30 June:
18.00: Dignitaries arrive for opening of the Fira de la Mar (sea fair).

18.00-21.00: Demonstration of fishermen's craft and knot-making.

22.00: Concert by the orchestra Moon. The old pier.

Sunday, 1 July:
11.00-13.00: Tapas sampling via the Tapas Route of Puerto Pollensa.

11.00-13.00: Demonstration of fishermen's craft and knot-making.

19.30: Street procession with the giants and big heads of Pollensa "L'Esbart de Sant Jordi", accompanied by the Orats pipers.

20.00: Children's party with Flip i Flop. Ice-creams from Gelats Valls.

22.00: Fire spectacle, leaving from the old pier and along the Paseo Anglada Camarassa.

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Monday, June 11, 2012


Friday, 15 June:
21.30: Prayer for the fiestas with the Romàntics, followed by performances by the Miquel Tortell choir and the orchestra and choir of the Miquel Tortell school of music. Convent cloister.

23.30: Street procession by the Demons of Sa Pedrera plus appearance of the Muro beast.

Saturday, 16 June:
22.00: The Sant Joan 2012 Horse Festival. Performances by the pipers Es Reguinyol and the Unió Artística Murera band of music. Plaça Comte d'Empúries.

23.00: In concert, Quimi Portet. Convent cloister. Price 15 euros.

Sunday, 17 June:
10.30: The 21st Town Mile. From the Plaça de Sant Martí.

21.00: Concert by the Unió Artística Murera band of music. Convent cloister.

Monday, 18 June:
21.00: Open-air supper and popular dance with Revetla d'Algebelí and pipers Es Reguinyol. Plaça Comte d'Empúries. (Applications have to be made by Friday, 15 June midday.)

Tuesday, 19 June:
19.00: Children's party with Cucorba. Plaça Comte d'Empúries.

Thursday, 21 June:
21.30: Traditional evening of the 40 laps. Children's races, bike races, endurance races. Unió Artística Murera band of music accompaniment.

Friday, 22 June:
20.30-24.00: Taplaça. Tapas from different bars and restaurants. Plaça Comte d'Empúries. Tapas 3 euros; drinks 1.50 euros; combinations 4 euros.

22.30: Party with the Romàntics, Contrapunt, Anònims, Dr. Gang, DJ Jaume Bea. Plaça Comte d'Empúries.

Saturday, 23 June:
10.30-13.00: Water party (for children). In front of the town hall.

12.00: Appearance of the bulls for the bullfight. Plaça de Toros.

18.30: Bullfight. Plaça de Toros.

24.00: Retro Pop Muro 2012. Musical special directed by Mikel Erentxun with DJs. Plaça Comte d'Empúries.

Sunday, 24 June (Sant Joan):
11.30: Rockets and then procession with pipers and giants. From the Plaça Comte d'Empúries.

12.00: Solemn mass.

22.00: Special performance by Alex Ubago. Plaça Comte d'Empúries.

24.00: Fireworks.

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Thursday, June 07, 2012

ALCUDIA - PASSION & CAVALLI revised schedule

The Passion & Cavalli show (horse and flamenco spectacular) has changed its schedule.

From 12 June to 28 August, the show on Tuesdays and Sundays will be at 20.00 and from 2 September to the end of October will revert to the current time of 11.30.

The Friday shows (with supper an optional extra) are not now taking place.

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Wednesday, June 06, 2012


The festival, in its 51st incarnation this year, has broadened its scope to be more of an arts festival. Concert times have yet to be confirmed, but they have normally been at 22.00.

Music programme:
Friday, 6 July: Balearics Symphony Orchestra. Director Josep Vicent. Romeo and Juliet (Prokofiev); Foster's Symphony (Joan Valent, director of the festival). Sant Domingo cloister. Prices: 50-40-30 euros.

Saturday, 14 July: Francesco Tristano (piano - works by Tristano, Frescobaldi, Bach and Cage). Sant Domingo cloister. Prices: 30-25-20 euros.

Saturday, 21 July: Sevilla Baroque Orchestra. Director Pablo Valetti. (Locatelli, Handel, Avison, Bach). Sant Domingo cloister. Prices: 45-35-25 euros.

Saturday, 4 August: Michael Nyman (piano), Marie Angel (soprano). "Body Parts" by Michael Nyman. Sant Domingo cloister. Prices: 50-40-30 euros.

Saturday, 11 August: The Complex Baroque. Director Ricardo Minasi, narrator Donna Leon, "Venetian Curiosities". Stories by Donna Leon and music by Vivaldi. Prices: 45-35-25 euros.

Saturday, 18 August:
The World Orchestra. Director Josep Vicent. (Beethoven and Tchaikovsky). Sant Domingo cloister. Prices: 50-40-30 euros.

Tuesday, 21 August: Soloists of The World Orchestra. Quartets by Beethoven. Sant Domingo cloister. Prices: 20-15-10 euros.

Thursday, 23 August:
The World Orchestra Brass Ensemble. Music of the 20th century. Hotel Formentor. Free but limited. Invitation can be obtained seven days before from the Colonya bank in Pollensa.

Friday, 24 August: Concerts on the streets of Pollensa featuring soloists from The World Orchestra and students from the Pollensa music school. Free.

Saturday, 25 August: The World Orchestra. Director Josep Vicent. (Beethoven and Dvorak). Sant Domingo cloister. Prices: 50-40-30 euros.

Tickets can be purchased over the internet or by phone from (902 15 00 25) or from the festival office (Sant Domingo) and on the day at the Sant Domingo cloister.

Discounts apply for multiple bookings; 50% discount for under-14s; 10% discount for Pollensa residents.
Exhibition of plastic arts:
Saturday 14 July to Saturday 25 August: sculptures by Joan Cortés.

Music in cinema:
Open-air film projections of original soundtracks by Joan Valent presented by their directors:
Wednesday, 18 July: "La Chispa de la Vida" (Alex de la Iglesia)
Thursday, 19 July: "Dictado" (Antonio Chavarrías)
Friday, 20 July: "Carta a Eva" (Agustí Villaronga)
These take place on the town hall terrace.

Friday, 3 August: Michael Nyman, Joan Valent and Ludovic Bource converse with their pianos about music in the cinema. Hotel Formentor.

Wednesday, 15 August: "The Artist". Projection of the film, presented by Ludovic Bource, composer of the original soundtrack and 2011 Oscar winner. Town hall terrace.

Entrance to the music in cinema is free but invitations have to be obtained seven days before from the Colonya bank in Pollensa.

Course on the crime novel. From Agatha Christie to the current day.
Monday, 6 August to Friday, 10 August: The participation of many crime novellists and writers. Events hall, Colonya Caixa bank, Pollensa.

Monday, 6 August: Lecture by Rosa Novell and Eduardo Mendoza. Son Brull Hotel.  Entrance is free but invitations have to be obtained seven days before from the Colonya bank in Pollensa.

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