Tuesday, June 18, 2013

LA VICTORIA, Alcúdia - La Mare de Déu 2013

Monday, 1 July:
18:00: The climb to La Victoria contest. Price 4 euros in advance. Various categories (children and adult). Departs from the Can Ramis building in Alcúdia market square.
18:00: Children's whistling to La Victoria.
20:30: Celebration of the Eucharist.
22:00: Fritters and mistela fortified wine for all.
22:30: Party with the folk and dance groups Sarau Alcudienc and Tacàritx.
00:30: Burnt rum for all.

Tuesday, 2 July:

10.00: Rockets fired from the town hall and then procession with the Alcúdia band of music.
11.30: Arrival of dignitaries at La Victoria, accompanied by the Alcúdia band of music.
12.00: Eucharist with traditional offer of camomile.
12.30: Traditional jewel runs.
14.00: Paella for the benefit of maintenance work on the hospice. Tickets available from 10.00 from the hermitage.
16.30: Ball de bot with the Alcúdia band of music and showers of sweets and hazelnuts.

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Saturday, 22 June:
10:00: Sandcastle competition on the Xara beach near to the marina.
10:00: Table tennis tournament (various kids' categories). Information and registrations, call 971 545 289 by 21 June. Takes place in the gym at the Hort dels Fassers school in Alcúdia.
16:00: Table tennis tournament for adults. Details as above apply.
20:30: Modern ballroom dancing show by the Alcúdia school of modern ballroom at the Plaça del Varador (i.e. the Paseo Marítimo).

22:00: Boxing tournament for amateurs and semi-pros. Sports centre.
23:00: The Sant Pere "Pirates Party". A night of piratical wear with music from DJs Javier Martin and Pedro Azorín plus surprise guests. Plaça de la Quarantena (opposite Bar Lovento).

Sunday, 23 June:
19:30: Folk dance with the groups Sarau Alcudienc, Galivança and Agrupació sa Torre. Plaça del Varador.

Monday, 24 June:
19:30: Karate exhibition by the Alcúdia karate school and club. Plaça del Varador.
21:00: Refreshments for senior citizens at the Puerto Alcúdia old people's home.
22:00: Theatre: the group Comediants d'Algaida present "Tres pares per a en Totò" (Catalan). Plaça de Cas Vicari.

Tuesday, 25 June:
19:30: 22nd anniversary of Alcúdia Radio. Walk from the Clot beach in Barcarès into Alcúdia town and then to Puerto Alcúdia for a "trempo" (Mallorcan salad) supper at the Plaça del Varador.
22:30: Ballroom dance evening with L'Orquestra Brooklyn. Plaça del Varador.

Wednesday, 26 June:
18:00: Children's party (bouncies, bucking bronco etc.) and entertainment by the group Mallorca Festa. Features a foam party. Plaça de Cas Vicari.
21:30: Concert by the Alcúdia band of music. Plaça del Varador.

Thursday, 27 June:
10:00: Three-a-side football. Information, call 971 907 109. Plaça del Varador.
20:00: Hip Hop concert with Trio Quartet and others. Plaça del Varador.
21:00: Fidevada (noodle dishes) plus music from the group Torrofort. On the old pier, price 6 euros.

Friday, 28 June:
10:00: Beach volleyball tournament. Various categories, 4 and 2-a-side. Information and registration, call 629 648 114. Xara beach by the marina.
19:30: Sports gymnastics display by the Alcúdia gymnastics club. Plaça del Varador.
21:00: Sardinada (sardine BBQ) with the Sotavent group (Cuban sea songs and shanties). Old pier. Price one euro.

Saturday, 29 June (Sant Pere):
10:00: Martial arts (karate) course. Sports centre (also on the previous day and Sunday, 30 June).
11:30: Fishermen's meeting on the Paseo Marítimo and then procession with the Alcúdia band of music to the church.
12:00: Solemn mass.
14:00: Lunch in honour of retired fishermen at the Cases de Son Sant Martí.
19:00: Mass.
19:30: Procession with the image of Sant Pere (Saint Peter) accompanied by the fishermen and the Alcúdia band of music.
22:00: Tribute to Catalan songs of 1980s and 1990s with the Suasi Elka Band. Plaça del Varador.
00:30: Grand fireworks display on the beach by the marina.
00:50: End-of-fiestas concert by Pelillos a la Mar. Plaça del Varador.

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Thursday, June 13, 2013


Friday, 28 June:
19:30: Procession with the Pollensa drum and bugle band.
20:00: The "sardinada" (sardine BBQ) on the old pier with accompaniment from the Orats pipers.
21:30: Performance by the folk music group Turgut Reis on the old pier.

Saturday, 29 June (Sant Pere):
11:00: Solemn mass at the church followed by an aperitif for helpers at the end of the old pier
13:00: Prizes for pictures by students from the secondary school at the yacht club.
14:00: Lunch for the brotherhood (fishermen's guild, I'm guessing) at the yacht club.
20:00: Procession by the giants and big heads "L'Esbart de Sant Jordi" accompanied by the Orats pipers. Ice-creams for children.
21:00: Benefit Pa amb Oli in aid of the Prodis charity.
21:30: Farmers' and popular dance on the old pier with Aires de la Cala accompanied by the Orats pipers.

Beach volleyball on Llenaire beach from 26 to 29 June, each day from 18:00.
Evening market on 28 and 29 June from 19:00 to 23:00 and on 30 June from 19:00 to 22:00. On the old pier.

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Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Thursday, 13 June:
19:00: Concert by students of the Miquel Tortell School of Music. Place: Convent church.

Friday, 14 June
21:30: Oration for the fiestas by the children's troupe Cucorba. Followed by performances by the Miquel Tortell Choir and the Miquel Tortell Orchestra and School of Music Choir. Convent cloister.

Saturday, 15 June:
10:30-14:00: Water park party. In front of the town hall.
21:30: Sant Joan horse spectacular. Bullring.

Monday, 17 June:
21:00: Open-air supper and popular dance with Revetla d'Algebelí and the pipers Es Reguinyol.

Tuesday, 18 June:
21:30: "40 Voltes" (40 laps) celebration. Races for children and bike races. Musical accompaniment by the band of music Unió Artística Murera.

Wednesday, 19 June:
19:00: Children's party with Cucorba. Plaça Comte d'Empúries.

Friday, 21 June:
16:00-22:00: Treasure hunt for over-12s. Sports arena.
22:30: Fire run by the Demons de Sa Pedrera de Muro. Convent cloister.
21:00-24:00: Tapas route.

Saturday, 22 June:
10:00: Aquatic treasure hunt party. Ages 6-10, 11-16 and 16+. Swimming pool at the sports centre.
19:00: Concert by the Música Unió Artística Murera and Banda de Música de Marratxí bands. Convent cloister.
00:30: Flower Power. Abba tribute plus DJs Juan Campos, Gaspar Sampol and Xavi Reina. Plaça Comte d'Empúries.

Sunday, 23 June:
12:00: Selection of bulls for the bullfight. Bullring.
19:00: Bullfight with Roberto Armendariz, Juan Bautista and El Capea.
22:30: Performances by Orquestra Tramuntana, Victoria Maldi and Jaume Anglada. Plaça Comte d'Empúries.

Monday, 24 June (Sant Joan):
11:30: Procession of floats, accompanied by the pipers Es Reguinyol and giants Joan and Toni. From Plaça Comte d'Empúries.
12:00: Solemn mass, organ recital by Mario Duella and hymns by the Miquel Tortell Choir.
22:00: Special performance of "Merche". Plaça Comte d'Empúries.
24:00: Fireworks at Sa Riba.

(Note that there are other events taking place, such as sporting ones, that are not listed here.)

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